Derila Pillow Reviews: What I Like And Hate About This Memory Foam

Ever wondered if there’s a pillow that can truly make a difference in your sleep quality and comfort? Did you come across the ads on Facebook about Derila Pillow and see if it lives up to the promise of a good night’s sleep! I recently bought this pillow and here is my review.

What Is Derila Pillow

The Derila Pillow is a comfy memory foam pillow that supports your head and neck. It’s hypoallergenic and keeps away dust mites, good for people who have allergy. You can get it in standard or king sizes, and it has a washable cover. But is the Derila pillow any good?

The features of the Derila pillow include:

  1. Superior Support for Your Head, Neck, and Back: The Derila contour pillow is designed in a butterfly shape to provide excellent support for your head, neck, and back.
  2. Fall Asleep Faster and Stay Asleep Longer: The contour pillow, you can experience quicker sleep onset and enjoy longer periods of uninterrupted sleep.
  3. Relief from Headaches and Neck Pain: The Derila contour pillow helps relieve pain.
  4. Suitable for Different Sleeping Positions: No matter how you prefer to sleep – on your back, side, or stomach – the Derila contour pillow is versatile enough to accommodate various sleeping positions.
  5. Portable: You can carry this pilllow with you where ever you go

Testing The Derila Octifie Adjustable Cervical Pillow And Derila Contour Anti-Snore Pillow

I spotted this Derila pillow ad on Facebook, boasting about being a neck savior. Perfect for someone like me dealing with neck pain that brings on those never-ending migraines. I thought to give it a shot. I chose the Octifie Adjustable Cervical Pillow and the Derila Contour Anti Snore Pillow for my husband, went through checkout, and voila transaction done.

The charge on my credit card was way more than the ad price. Surprise! Instead of one pillow, they had me down for four. Panicked, I hit them up right away, only to hear it was too late to fix anything. Fast forward to getting the package, I decide to return the extras, They hit me with over $100 for international shipping.

Now, about the pillow. It’s comfy but on the smaller side. it’s like sleeping on a rock. Super dense, no wiggle room. On the bright side, it stays cool. Oh, and that anti-snore feature? Yeah, didn’t work for my husband. He snores away.

Does Derila Pillow Work? Customer Reports

Not exactly as the advertising says. The manufacturers claim that this pillow will help ease your pain. It did provide some level of comfort as well as quality rest however I’m yet to see the promised results and i can honestly say it’s just like any regular pillow I’ve used. Customer reports on Trust pilot and Reddit have reported similar cases, some complained that the pillow were too hard for them and enhanced their pain than provide actual solution. A customer testimonial said

i also have had a similar experience to many others who were scammed by this company. i was in the process of ordering 1 pillow, when my browser froze and after i closed the browser, i ended up with a purchase of 4 pillows. i immediately requested the order be cancelled, but was refused. as i was not happy with this result, i requested a return, only to find out that the product has to be returned to Lithuania (the product’s return shipping label is in new york)for which return shipping would cost more than the product, btw the pillow is just Ok, nothing special.


Types Of Derila Pillow

Derila offers the following pillows

  1. Octifie Adjustable Cervical Pillow: If you want a pillow to ease neck and shoulder pain, consider the Octifie Adjustable Cervical Pillow. it is made by chiropractors for superior head, neck, and back support.
  2. Derila Contour Anti Snore Pillow: For excellent head, neck, and back support. Butterfly shape offers superior support. It cradles your neck to prevent snoring.
  3. Osteo Cervical Pillow: If you aim to relieve neck pain and improve sleep, the Osteo Cervical Pillow might be perfect.

Derila Pillow Scam Or Legit

There are a lot of customer testimonials online calling a scam. The website currently has a rating of 3.4 on Trust pilot with mixed reviews. Here is what you must know before buying from

Refund Nightmare

People are reporting that is quite a magician with refunds. They make your money disappear, and good luck trying to get it back. A fellow victim even mentioned being ghosted after numerous emails.

Unordered Pillow Galore

You try to buy one Derila pillow with a cover, but the order magically turns into four pillows and four covers. You reach out to them, but they say it’s too late, the order is already on its way. They suggest you can return what you don’t want, promising no restocking fee but leaving you responsible for the return shipping.

Hidden Custom Fees

Brace yourself for customs and duties. does not disclose this on their website, nor when you make the order or even when you receive confirmation of the order. When asked to refund the customs and duties, Derila just refer to the rules for ordering from outside the EU (which Norway is of course), and do not acknowledge that they have false advertising.

Unethical Refund Policy

Nowhere in the online advertising does it mention that this item has to be returned to Lithuania! The only way to discover this is to go looking for the return instructions BEFORE you even consider ordering them. The advertisement shows a nice, fluffy pillow, and claims to reduce neck pain and snoring, with an easy return process. But they are not easily found, and only if you really dig for them. Only partial refunds are available.


The company deceived customers into thinking they are based in the U.s, however when you have issues and decide to return, you will asked to return it to Lithuania.

Derila Pillow Pros: What I Like About This Memory Foam

  1. The Derila pillow is made of high-quality memory foam.
  2. The butterfly shape offers superior support for the head, neck, and back
  3. It’s good for various sleeping positions.

Derila Pillow Cons: What i Don’t About It

  1. The pillow may be on the smaller side for some users.
  2. Its dense composition might feel too firm for those seeking a softer pillow.
  3. The anti-snore feature may not be effective for everyone.
  4. The return process has hidden fees
  5. The company charges double of what you order

What Is Derila Pillow Return Policy

If you’re not happy with your Derila pillow, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. Just visit the Derila website, submit your request, and they’ll take care of it.

I also reviewed Optipillows

Where Are Derila Pillows Made

Which Pillowcase Is Best For Derila Anti-snore Pillow

If you’re using Derila Anti-Snore Pillows, it’s suggested to pair them with a good-quality white pillowcase. These cases are made to go with the Derila Anti-Snore Pillows and can be found on under the name “Derila Pillow.” If you’re dealing with neck pain, there’s also a Cervical Neck Pillow available, made of memory foam for side and back sleepers.

Can Derila Memory Pillows Help You Sleep Better

The Derila pillow is shaped in a way that helps your spine stay in a natural and comfortable position. This design is great because it can lessen pain in your shoulders and neck, making it easier for you to sleep well and wake up feeling rested.

How To Use

Using the Derila Sleep Pillow is easy! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Placement: Just place the pillow under your head.
  2. Adjustment: Tweak the pillow until it feels just right for you.
  3. Let it Contour: Allow the pillow contour to your head and neck.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website and also on Amazon, one pillow will cost you CAD$55.


Derila pillow claims to help you with pain amongst other promises. While Derila pillow seems to work for some people, I’m yet to see the magical results from my chronic neck pain. The anti-snore pillow did not work for my husband. Overall i’ll rate this pillow 3 out of 5.

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