I Tested Solitaire Smash Game: Here’s Its Pros And Cons

Ever wondered if playing Solitaire Smash could actually put some cash in your pocket? Is this cash making app as legit as the manufacturers make it out to be? There has been quite a rave on the internet concerning the legitimacy, so I decided to download this game and test it myself.

What Is The Solitaire Smash Game

Solitaire Smash is a gaming app you can get on your iPhone. This app claims you can win real money by playing Solitaire against people with a similar skill level. They even have tournaments that supposedly pay out $50 to $100 or more to the winners. Basically, you play Solitaire against other people, and if you’re good, they say you can win actual cash. But does it work?

How Solitaire Smash Works

Solitaire Smash is a better version of other solitaire games out there. It uses a point system and has limit. Every move you make in your card game scores points. Finish the deck before time’s up, and you grab bonus points. The winners in tournaments get cash prizes, built from everyone’s entry fees. Now, to keep things fair, everyone in the tournament plays with the exact same deck, no tricks and the only way for you to earn money is to play.

Testing The Solitaire Smash Game

I’ve been testing out apps like Solitaire Smash and many similar apps and I don’t think it’s a very stable income-earner. it’s a bit of a hit or miss for making a stable income. Some people end up losing more money than they get in, which isn’t great.

Now, my experience with Solitaire Smash, It’s a fun way to get a few extra bucks. Played it for a bit, cashed out $15, but have to admit, it took some time. Right in the middle of this offer, I tossed in $15, played four cash games – won one, lost two, and got second place in another. Now I’m sitting on $1 more than what I threw in.

No pending signs yet, but it’s in the “my discover section”. These game withdrawals usually drag on for weeks. So, sum it up – $15 in, $5 profit in a month, only if you play it smart and don’t end up losing while having a bit of gaming fun.

Is Solitaire Smash Legit?

Yes it is legit. They say you can pocket some cash by getting into tournaments. But here’s the thing the app is kind of tricky about how easy it is to win. Most people end up losing money, and it feels a bit like a scam.

A bunch of reviews shout out that the games are rigged, and you might actually be playing against computer bots. However, the company denies this, but it’s a big worry with these paid gaming apps.

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Is The Solitaire Smash A Scam

Solitaire Smash isn’t a scam per se, but it’s misleading. The ads paint a picture of easy cash, but the reality is you could lose a substantial amount using this app. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the games are fair. It’s a bit questionable, to say the least.

Solitaire Smash Pros: What I Like About It

  1. Winning actual money is a big plus.
  2. It adds an extra thrill to the classic solitaire game.
  3. As you get better, you can earn more per game.
  4. Regular play scores you some daily bonuses.
  5. If you’re not into spending use gems for free entry

Solitaire Smash Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. Watch out for some hidden fees.
  2. The ads can be a bit tricky, setting up high expectations.
  3. If you don’t win, you’re losing that entry fee.
  4. Some players suspect the games might not be entirely fair.
  5. Realistically, it won’t make you a millionaire.
  6. It is not for Android Users

Who Can Play The Solitaire Smash

  1. Age Requirement:
    • It is crafted for iOS users who are 18 and older. They’re serious about this age thing, and you’ll need to verify your age in the app if you want that cash payout.
  2. Geographical Limitations:
    • If you’re staying in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, or Tennessee, you can still play it, but sorry, no cash rewards for you.
  3. Playable Regions:
    • If you’re 18 or older and not residing in the states I just mentioned, you’re good to roll.

How To Use

  1. Get the App: Start by downloading the app.
  2. Practice with Free Games: Dive into some free practice games.
  3. Go Competitive: Once you’re feeling confident, jump into the competitive games.
  4. Cash Out: And when you’re ready to roll in the winnings, cash out.

Cash Wins with Solitaire Smash: Quick Breakdown

To dive into Solitaire Smash cash tournaments, toss in a few cents for entry, like $0.06. Win, and you’re not just getting back your entry fee, you could score up to 400 times that amount. Consistent players might pocket around $10 a week or more, depending on practice.

Can You Actually Get Real Money

Solitaire Smash does pay out real money when you win in tournament games. But watch out for hidden fees. Also, that bonus cash they throw at you for making deposits? Goodluck cashing that out.

Is Solitaire Smash Legit A Fake App

Solitaire Smash is legit and not a fake app. It’s run by a reputable developer, and players can indeed win real money. However, it’s worth noting that the app’s ads can be a bit tricky.

Is Solitaire Smash Safe

Yes, Solitaire Smash has the right security measures and encryption to keep your info locked up safe. Now, when it comes to cash, if you don’t score in the cash tournament, you’ll lose your entry fee.


Solitaire Smash is the real deal for earning extra cash on your iOS device. No need to worry about falling into some money-making scam. Regular play can boost your wallet with that extra spending money you’re after. Some players have reported losing money and suspect that the games might not be entirely fair.

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