Beware of Sweet Rush Infinity Scam – A Shady Game App!

Sweet Rush Infinity is not as legit as it seems. You cannot really win any money from using the app. There are lots of shady things about the gaming app. The first red flag about this app is that there is actually no game. Once you download the app, it directs you to Casino games that rip off your money.

Have you heard of Sweet Rush Infinity? Are you considering downloading the app? This Sweet Rush Infinity Rview sheds a light on Sweet Rush Infinity Scam, how it really works, and why you should steer clear from downloading or using the app.

An Outline of The Sweet Rush Infinity Scam

The Sweet Rush Infinity scam works this way, the scammers dangle the bait of easy money and big winnings in front of people, making it sound like a golden opportunity. They use Ads on Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram with image of Mr.Beast promoting it. This easily attract players.

But, guess what? It’s all a sneaky scheme to snatch your hard-earned cash.

Once you sign up on the platform, Sweet Rush Infinity directs you to online casino games like Nine Casino & Jokabet, and you have to give out your email, full address and bank information and pay £20 to play. When you’ve paid the money, it’s nearly impossible to win any dime.

Sweet Rush Infinity Scam Red Flags

Uses Fake Mr. Beast Endorsement

The scam platform uses image on Mr.Beast (a popular YouTuber) to promote the app. However, it is not really endorsed or approved by Mr.Beast. The scammers have simply created a Deep Fake Video of Mr. Beast by using AI and photoshop.

Steals Personal and Financial Information

One of the requirements of using the app is that it requests for users personal and financial data like name, email address, phone number and card details. These are sensitive data that shouldn’t be submitted without due diligence.

Makes It Impossible For Players To Win Money

Lots of players have reported massive losses and very few wins since they started playing the game. See complaints below;

Scam. I signed up and it takes you straight to a betting site. I deposited some money and got a bonus I didn’t want and when I cancelled the bonus it took MY money away and claimed it was the bonus. Don’t take my word, look at other reviews online for JokaBet.

This is a (NineCasino) App. It’s a scam. Can’t withdraw money if there is any bonus funds in your account. But every time you add more funds they give you the same amount for free. So essentially you’ll never be able to withdraw the money. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

No Physical Business Address

The people who developed this game have provided their company info as ‘Metaluxo LTD‘. However, there’s no physical address attached to the company details, and from data submitted in Companies House, it is only registered generically in the UK.

Not Licensed By Gambling Commissions

Sweet Rush Infinity is a disguised Casino game that has no public record of licensing or regulation by gambling commissions. What this means is that players are at the mercy of the casino owners who could do anything as they are not watched by regulatory bodies.

How To Spot and Avoid a Scam Gaming App

Check The Developer’s Address & Company Info

You can find the address on the App Store. If it is hidden, located in a strange place, or even does not exist, then the app is very suspicious. The sole reason why someone wants to hide the company’s address from an app is because they properly want to cheat you and don’t want to reveal their real identities.

Check the App’s permissions

 Apps in Apple and Google’s app stores will show you exactly what they want to access in terms of your personal information. Don’t be afraid to say no if an app asks for access to data it doesn’t need.

Don’t Use Third-party App Stores

The apps in both Apple and Google’s stores are vetted by those companies before they’re allowed in. Apps downloaded from elsewhere might not be. They could easily be carrying malware or looking to rip you off. Avoid them.

Search for Reviews

It is always wise to search for reviews of an app before downloading it. However, remember, good reviews don’t automatically equal legitimacy. App reviews can be faked and copied. Don’t automatically assume that just because an app has thousands of five-star reviews that it’s safe. Recently released apps that already have lots of positive reviews should particularly be treated with suspicion. On the other side, numerous bad reviews and low ratings also should be seen as red flags.

Don’t Submit Sensitive Data

When signing up on a gaming platform be very careful with the data requested. Sensitive data like your address, credit card details, SSN and telephone number shouldn’t be submitted.

Check For Redflags

Too good to be true winnings, unsolicited texts, spammy emails and high pressure tactics are red flags you should check for. If an App does all this, it is advisable to uninstall.

What To Do If You Were Scammed By Sweet Rush Infinity

  1. Contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately. Inform your bank or credit card issuer about the unauthorized transaction and request a chargeback.
  2. Change your online passwords: If you used same password on multiple platforms, you need to change your password and enable multi factor authentication mmediately.
  3. Also be sure to use a strong and unique password for each account.
  4. Report the scam: You can report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or your local law enforcement agency.
  5. Check your credit report: Monitor your credit report for any suspicious activity.
  6. Stay vigilant: Be alert for any other phishing scams or suspicious emails, and do not share your personal info.

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Sweet Rush Infinity is not a legit app but a scam platform that directs you to online casino games were it’s impossible to win any money. The scammers behind this app use fake mr beast promotion, too good to be true offers to attract players and then swindle them.

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