RP Outsourcer Scam: Beware Of This Shaddy Website Offering Enticing Gigs

Remote job options are booming around job seekers. Among the contenders, RP Outsourcer claims to offer genuine work-from-home opportunities. But it’s a scam remote job website with deceptive strategy to dupe unsuspecting job seekers using words like ” Limited Slots” ” Apply Now” with promises of making huge cash without any form of job experience. It’s all a scam!

No real-deal company can promise you mountains of cash for doing basic online stuff, especially if you’re a total newbie. This article will expose the ins and out of this shady website.

What Is The Out RP Outsourcer Scam

RP Outsourcer operates through the website job-rpo-uk.com, according to their website, they claim to have started in 2018 in the UK. They claim to help you get work-from-home gigs, whether you’re looking for something full-time or part-time. They say you could pocket up to £80 a day part-time or roll in with a cool £1,000 a week full-time. Also claim you can cash in daily or weekly that all you need is a smartphone and internet access, and no experience required; they’ve got your back with some training. It’s all a scam!

No real-deal company can promise you mountains of cash for doing basic online stuff, especially if you’re a total newbie.

So, here’s my friendly advice: If a work-from-home opportunity is selling you dreams of easy money that seem downright unbelievable, run the other way. You don’t want to be handing over your hard-earned money to these people, and trust me, they’re not handing it back.

Is RP Outsourcer Scam Or Legit? How The Scam Works

The Setup: The Tempting Bait

They use job ads, with title “Work from Home” opportunity at flexible hours and fat paychecks for simple online tasks.

The Sweet Talk

Here they talk about how the offer is slipping away using convincing and urgent words like “Limited spots!”. They flash fake testimonials of success to make you believe.

The Scam Happens

They wave the flag for you “Sign up now!” But there’s a catch. You will need to pay some “small fees” for registration, training, tools, and who knows what else. They’ve got you trapped guess what? Once you’re in, good luck getting a refund or complaining.

Red Flags That Scream Scam

No UK Legitimacy

Despite its UK claims, RP Outsourcer lacks official registration and was actually registered in Iceland. That’s a credibility blow.

Glowing Customer Reviews

The customer testimonials on the website are too perfect and i found 1 negative comment on Trustpilot about this website warning people to steer clear.

Unreal Income Promises

They say you could pocket up to £80 a day part-time or roll in with a cool £1,000 a week full-time, but there’s no proof or rules guiding how you are supposed to get up to this amount of money.

Warning Sign: Plagiarized Error Infested Content

Dodgy content raises eyebrows. If it looks copied from other websites and filled with errors, it’s not building trust.

Suprise Fees

The company claims it is free of charge, however there are hidden fees which was revealed by job seekers who signed up.

Hidden Address

The company does not give away the owner of the brand and also the physical address. The only form of contact is through their email address [email protected]

How To Check If A Remote Job Is Legit

Urgent Tactics

The company uses words like ” Limited Vacancy” to get job seekers to sign up immediately without thinking twice about it.

Watch Out For Fake Reviews

Scout online reviews from various sources to get the real scoop from people who’ve been there. Fake testimonials are a sure sign something’s off.

Be Skeptic About Income Claims

If it sounds too crazy-good to be true, it probably is. Scammers love to dangle big bucks for minimal effort.

Watch out for The Rush job

If they’re pressuring you to act quickly, take a step back. Scammers use urgency to get people to jump in without thinking.

Check for Sneaky Fees

Some scammers ask for mandatory training fees for you to gain access to the job. Legit companies do not ask for fees.

Dig Into The Company’s details

Legit ones will flaunt their address, phone number, business registration, management names, and more. If it’s all a bit too secretive, that’s a red flag.

Tips From Pros to Dodge Work-From-Home Job Scams

The experts have your back with some top-notch advice to steer clear of those pesky work-from-home job scams:

Grill Them with Questions

Before you give out your personal info, ask some questions about the hiring process, training, payments, leave no stone unturned.

Trust Your Instincts

If it feels too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your gut, and don’t brush off those nagging doubts.

Be a Hero, Report Scams

Spot a suspicious job ad? Be the hero and report it to sites like the Better Business Bureau.

Decode the Language

Pay close attention to the words used in job posts. If you spot “urgent,” “risk-free,” or “guaranteed income,” that’s a huge red flag.

No Cash Upfront

Don’t open your wallet for a job opportunity. Any request for upfront fees is not just a red flag; it’s a violation of the rules.

Another shady website Removeme please.org


After a thorough check, it’s clear, RP Outsourcer isn’t in the legit game job seekers feel it is but an outright scam. If a remote job opportunity is throwing around promises, screaming urgency, and asking for your cash upfront, it’s time to hit the brakes. Job seekers, don’t step into this zone! and stay alert.

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