Is Legit? The Truth About This Shady Website is a shady website leaving voicemails on unrelated topics like health insurance, student loan forgiveness, car warranties and job listings claiming they got your information from a site. They then tell you to call them back, or to go to to unsubscribe from future messages.

Ther professional homepage has the following words “I am not interested in getting any further mobile communication from the party that contacted me, including calls, ringless voicemail, texts, and/or emails.”Do not click on the link, it’s all a scam to infect your device with more malware and sell your personal info to shady telemarketers, spammers, and data brokers.

What Is is a free service that claims to help you get rid of unwanted calls, texts, and emails from telemarketers and spammers. It works by removing your personal information from lists that these companies use.

On the homepage of, there’s a form where you can type in your phone number, email, and mailing address. Once you hit submit, they claim they’ll process your request to stop unwanted calls and texts within a day.

These annoying robocalls are coming from the number 855-715-2973 and these calls use a trick by mentioning the website to make people think they can stop future calls by visiting it. It goes this way:


I’m calling back with the National Credit Relief Department. It looks like you’ve been preapproved for a zero interest, federally designated settlement program that will consolidate all of your unsecured accounts into one monthly payment to finalize your approval and initiate your funds into the special purpose account. Please return my call at 855-715-2973. Your confirmation code is 230406. Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

If you would like to be removed from this list, please go to

The voicemail might sound like a regular company promoting its services, but real businesses don’t use illegal spam calls.

How The Scam Works

Deceptive Call Back or Website Submission

They will ask you to call them back or visit to unsubscribe. The website has a simple form asking for your phone number, email, and mailing address.

Request For Personal Info

On their homepage, they’ll ask you put your phone number, email, and mailing address into a submission form. This info is then submitted to

False Promise of Opt-Out Processing

After submitting your details, claims they will process your opt-out within 24 hours. This is a fake promise to appear like the real deal.

Malicious Intent Possibilities

They’re up to three things: (A) maybe trying to hit you with malware, (B) possibly after your money, or (C) tricking you into handing over info for future spam.

Major Red Flags About

The link between annoying calls from 855-715-2973 and a website called is fishy. The voicemails mention the website as a way to avoid more calls, but it’s likely a trick.

Sketchy Privacy Policy

The privacy policy on is kind of a mess. It’s got typos, grammar slip-ups, and the way it talks about using your data is all over the place. Legit services usually have clear and reliable privacy rules, but this one? Not so much.

Unprofessional Website Design looks unprofessional and hastily put together. The design is messy, outdated, and lacks the polish you’d expect from a legitimate service. Broken links, grammar errors, and low-quality graphics further raise suspicions.

Lack of Company Information: did not reveal the owner of the website. There’s no info about the company or owner, no mention of being officially registered as a business, and no feedback from people who’ve used it. All of this missing info makes it hard to trust what they’re up to.

User Complaints About More Spam

Some users on Reddit and Quora say they got even more telemarketing calls and spam texts after trying out It’s like the site might not be helping you opt out at all.

Website Originated from Scam Communications didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. People reported getting suspicious calls and texts telling them to go to the website. Instead of being a legit service to stop annoying messages, The people behind are trying to grab hold of your personal info. This makes you wonder if the website has a different agenda than what it claims.

Hidden Whois Record

When we check who owns, it’s like the owner is keeping their identity a secret. The website is also hosted in Iceland, where rules about what’s allowed online can be a bit lax.

This secrecy about who’s behind the website and the choice of hosting location make things seem a bit fishy. It’s like they don’t want anyone to know too much about them, and that raises some questions about whether the website is trustworthy.

Frequent Site Outages Indicative of Poor Hosting

When a website’s playing hide-and-seek and goes down a lot, it’s like a sign they might be using not-so-great servers. Good hosting is like the backbone of a reliable website, and with, it seems a bit shaky.

Absence of Verification Process or Email Confirmation

When you use legit services, they usually double-check things. Like, they’d write you an email to make sure it’s really you. But with, it’s missing that step. No verification, no email confirmation.

Unclear Instructions and Lack of Customer Support

Legit services usually make things crystal clear and have a team ready to help you out. But with It’s like they left us in the dark. No clear instructions and no friendly customer support.

No Social Media Presence

Even though they claim to help consumers, does not have a social media presence. There are no Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Lack of Transparency in Removal Process says they’ll help you opt-out within 24 hours, but they’re keeping quiet about how exactly they pull this off.

Generic and Untrustworthy Domain Name

The website’s name,, sounds pretty generic and doesn’t scream credibility. Legit sites usually have more professional and specific domain names.

Is A Legit Website

it doesn’t seem like a legit website; it is a shady website, instead of actually helping you get off those annoying lists, it seems like they’re grabbing the info you give them and tossing you onto even more marketing lists. They’re bundling up your details and selling them off to telemarketers, spammers.

Similar Scam: HMRC Scam

Are There Any Legit Opt-Out Services

  1. National Do Not Call Registry: Stop telemarketers from calling you. Register your number on the FTC’s website.
  2. Consumer Credit Reporting Industry: Block those credit offers for five years or permanently. Fill out a form and mail it to opt out.
  3. World Privacy Forum’s Top 10 Opt Outs: Opt-out superhero for all kinds of marketing. Direct mail, emails, telemarketing – it covers them all.
  4. OneRep: Guard your online info. OneRep removes your personal stuff from Google and 195+ other sites. Try it free to clean up your digital trail.
  5. Robocalls: RoboKiller blocks over a million spam calls and texts using a big list of known spam numbers. It works on both iOS and Android devices, and it’s easy to download. To trick spammers, RoboKiller uses some sort of answer bots that play pre-recorded audio.

Conclusion is a shady website that should not be trusted. The website’s got a generic name, it’s often down, and there’s no clear process or support. People online are waving some big red flags, hinting that instead of helping you, the site might be into shady stuff like selling your info. Long story short, it’s not looking too trustworthy therefore approach with caution.

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