Here is My Unbiased Optipillows EPAP Mask Review (2023)

Do you struggle with snoring or restless sleep due to upper airway issues? Are you considering placing an order for Optipillows Epap Mask? DON’T do so yet before reading this honest review. Like you, I have always had snoring issues. I’ve been dealing with a frustrating sleep issue where my soft palate collapses when I exhale, making it hard to breathe.

In this review, I share my experience using this Optipillows anti-snoring device, its pros, cons and everything you should expect when you buy this nasal mask.

What Is Optipillows EPAP Mask

The Optipillows EPAP Mask is an anti-snoring device made by Sal Hakim, PhD, that helps reduce snoring by preventing airway blockage.It works by using the pressure when you breathe out to keep your airway open and prevent snoring. It’s a simple and non-invasive solution for people who snore due to airway problems.

My Experience Using Optipillows For Sleep Apnea

I used to rely on Provent for over a decade, and it did the job pretty well, but it got discontinued. So, I decided to try the Optipillow, which I ordered on Amazon. At first, it seemed promising. However, I’ve encountered a few hiccups along the way.

The main issue I’ve faced with the Optipillow is that it comes off at night. When it shifts, and it’s not in the right place, adjusting the headband can be a bit of challenge. When it’s not tight enough, the pillow moves around, and when it’s tightened to keep the pillow in place, it hurts my nostrils.

After experimenting with different adjustments, I found that the device works well when it stays in place. So I found a way to use that product that has worked decently well for me. I removed the elastic band from the Optipillows mask and bought NozeSeal strips, which attach fairly easily to the Optipillows mask. The NozeSeal strips adhere to your nose very much like the Theravent strips did.

It’s still not quite a quick, easy, and effective as Theravent was, but it’s working well enough until something better comes along.

Optipillow Epap Mask Pros: What I Fancy

  • Doesn’t need a prescription to get it.
  • It’s super convenient; you can just order it without the hassle of going through a doctor’s appointment.
  • It works really great with NoseSeal Strips

Optipillow Cons: What I Don’t Fancy About This Nasal Pillow Mask

  • It doesn’t stay still
  • Adjusting the headband pretty difficult.

Does Optipillow Anti-snoring Device Work?

Yes, it works. I’ve had quality sleep since I started using Optipillow. I also saw an improvement in my snoring times from the data displayed on my Snorelab app. If you’ve a problem with keeping your Optipillow in place, you should try the hack I shared using Nozeseal.

Optipillows Vs Bongo Rx: Which Is The Best Anti-Snoring Device?

Bongo Rx deals with mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It’s this small, lightweight device that uses silicone nose cones to work its magic. You do need a prescription to get your hands on it, and it’s an FDA-approved. Now, Optipillows, on the other hand, is all about snoring, especially when it’s due to upper airway issues. No prescription needed too and It’s got adjustable pressure settings, also it’s a traveler’s dream with its lightweight design.

In the comparison ring, both Bongo Rx and Optipillows belong to the Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) club. They’re like cousins, But Bongo Rx goes that extra mile and deals with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, not just snoring.

The good thing they share in common is that they’re both compact and noiseless. Nobody wants to sleep with a buzzing machine in the room, right? And here’s another common point – they don’t need electricity, so they’re ready to hit the road with you.

Now, here’s the twist: Bongo Rx uses silicone nose cones to work its magic, while Optipillows relies on, well, pillows. It’s all about that nose power with Bongo Rx and customizable pressure with Optipillows.

In a nutshell, both are cool players in the world of sleep solutions. Bongo Rx shines when it comes to tackling mild to moderate sleep apnea, while Optipillows is more snore-focused. It’s a bit like choosing the right tool for the job – they’re similar, but with their own unique twist.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product form their official website and also from Amazon. The price currently on Amazon is $119. (Please use my affiliate link as I earn a commision at no extra cost to you)


Unlike sleep savior ears, Optipillows works for me. I’ve been wearing it for over 18 months and with data on the Snore Lab app, it’s very clear that it works. On nights when I take it off, my spouse complain I snore like crazy. If I’m to rate this anti-snoring device, I’ll give it a 6 over 10.

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