Why We Do Not Recommend TruGreen For Your Lawn Care: An Unbiased Review

Are you looking to hire the TruGreen Services for your lawn or garden? Don’t do that yet before reading this review.

I came across customer complaints online concerning the services rendered by this company. What does TruGreen do and why are there so many negative reviews about their services? To understand this, I decided to check out their services by heading to TruGreen.com.

About TruGreen Services

TruGreen takes care of lawns for both homes and businesses. They offer three main plans that include things like fertilizing, getting rid of weeds, aerating, overseeding, and checking your soil. They also do things like adding lime to the soil, taking care of trees and shrubs, and dealing with pests.

What TruGreen Offers

TruGreen has three main lawn care packages that include things like checking your soil and making it better with fertilizer. They also offer extra services like putting lime in your soil, taking care of your trees and bushes, and getting rid of pests like ticks, fleas, mosquitoes etc. They have other options you can add if you need more help.

My Experience Hiring The Services Of TruGreen

I decided to switch to TruGreen because of all the promotions they were offering, even though I wasn’t too happy with them in the past. Unfortunately, giving them a second chance turned out to be a big mistake. Their service kept getting rescheduled, and when they did show up, it was over before I knew it – just a quick 10 minutes. Despite my efforts to maintain my lawn and even having a sprinkler system, it just kept getting worse. And their customer service didn’t help at all – they were more focused on selling me more services than actually fixing the problem.

I tried to cancel, but they wouldn’t leave me alone. Their salespeople kept calling me non-stop, trying to get me to change my mind and pushing more services on me. Instead of listening to my concerns, they sent someone out for an “analysis” without even asking me, just to try to keep me as a customer. It was frustrating dealing with them. In the end, I had enough and canceled everything. This company is all about making money and doesn’t care about providing good service. If I could, I’d give them a negative rating.

Reasons To Avoid

  1. They are not a reputable company
  2. TruGreen sprays toxic chemicals on your lawn
  3. Have non-existent customer service
  4. You will receive a extremely high quote followed by several phone calls from very impolite people who hang up on you.

Customer Complaints And Opinions

There are numerous customer complaints on websites like Yelp, customer reports, BBB, Reddit and Trustpilot. What their techs do is just to spray what appears not to work on your lawn even if the chemicals don’t treat that particular weed or issue. They will keep sending back and charging without resolving the issue. Here are some of the complaints online:

They have horrible customer service. Didn’t provide service that I was paying for. When I called to cancel, they continue to charge me. Even after calling to complain as to why I was getting charged after canceling I received a refund, months later I received a letter in the mail stating my account was sent to collections for delinquent charges.

Two seasons using TruGreen. They did nothing to correct address the damage they created. The agent I cancelled with even said “let’s just wash our hands of this and cancel your account”

If you want an ugly burned lawn, go with TruGreen. If not, strongly suggest you look elsewhere. They ruined my lawn and now I’m going back and forth with them trying to get them to fix my lawn. I will never use their services again. Do not recommend at all. I wish I could give negative stars. I had a beautiful green lawn and now this is the ugly mess I was left with. Using TruGreen was the worst decision I’ve ever made and hoping I can prevent someone else from making the same mistake!

Trugreen is a scam my Grass is dead and looks worse than when I started with them. They won’t give me a refund. Now I will have to remove my old sod and replace it. Never again I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. When I started in Oct of 2023 I was reassured that my lawn would look better by the spring it’s much worse. I just spoke with you guys so why should I email you!! How about you have someone come and look at the dead lawn! Email you for what??

TruGreen Prices

TruGreen’s costs depend on where you live and what services you want. For example, we checked the prices for a 5,000 square foot lawn in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can see the prices in the table below. Also, TruGreen gives discounts if you pay upfront, which can save you over $50 for the year.

Do We Recommend The Services Of TruGreen

No, They make use of aggressive marketing and are relentless about selling their services. Technicians do not show up and when they eventually do, they do a poor job. They are only interested in taking your money and will lie to do so. I asked for cancellation multiple times and they continued to “provide service” and charge me a huge amount for it, then refused to correct the problem.

Look for a local provider who has good reviews from people in your neighborhood or others nearby. Or, if you’re up for it, consider taking care of your lawn yourself.

Is TruGreen A Scam

It’s not an outright scam. They do show up when you hire their services but the actual services rendered sucks. You can tell just from tru-green’s website that they are shady and more interested in selling you a service than actually providing value. The glowing customer reviews on TruGreen.com are fake and has nothing to do with real people.

Final Words

We do not recommend the services of Trugreen, its “guarantee” is a sales gimmick and you will end up as disappointed as hundreds of other customers reports. From the customer reports so far, it’s obvious that TruGreen only cares about money and not the customers.

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