Treatmedy Bunion Fix: Should You Buy This Bunion Corrector? We Asked A Podiatrist

Did you come across Treatmedy Bunion fix online? Are you looking for a solution to your Bunion problems? This product claims to fix all foot sizes effectively after 60days of use.

Can Treatmedy Bunion Fix become the revolutionary solution we’ve all been waiting for? How true are these claims and what do experts have to say. This review will reveal these answers.

About Treatmedy Bunion Fix

Treatmedy bunion fix claims to fix bunion issues from the comfort of your home using a special therapy. The manufacturers claim it can help straighten your big toe and ease the swelling over time saving you the cost of surgical operation and painkillers. But how true are these claims?

When you order, you’ll receive

  1. 50% off
  2. Free shipping
  3. Free Bunion ebook priced ($19.99)

What Causes Bunions?

Bunions can happen because of family genes or foot issues like weak tissues or a short Achilles tendon. Conditions like being flatfooted, having arthritis, or tight calf muscles can also make them more likely.

Does Treatmedy Bunion Fix Work

No, But wearing them might give you a bit of relief from the pain for a while. I gave it a shot. At first, it seemed like my toe straightened out when I took it off, but within minutes, it went back to how it was. I also tried those things that separate your toes — they didn’t make a lasting change, but they helped manage the pain.

Doctors suggest that surgery is the only way to fix bunions, but doctors usually only do it if your bunions really hurt when you’re not moving or walking. Bunion correctors are gadgets that try to straighten your big toe without surgery. Some people think they help with pain, but we’re not totally sure because there’s still research needed to be sure.

Podiatrist Doctors Opinion

We reached out to experts who confirmed that none of the non-surgical treatments can completely fix your bunion. They might help and stop a small bunion from getting bigger. But they can’t make the bony bump disappear.

Why? Once your toe starts shifting inward and the bone at the base of your toe sticks out, the only way to fix it is with surgery.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

Customer reviews and reports are mixed on Reddit and Trustpilot. I found most of them to be overly positive with customers saying it worked miracles for their toes, even though medical research doesn’t support those claims. This makes us skeptical that some of these reviews might not be genuine. Here are a few examples.

i ordered one bunion device advertised for $49.90 included delivery AUD Australian dollars BUT they deducted from my m/card $76.71.
I am requesting to CANCEL this order and return the full amount immediately.

Great client service. I had mistakenly cheked for two product, altought wanted just one. I e-mail to the client service my question « why was i charged more than advertised? The representative replied the next day to explain the situation and offered to correct it. I was reimbursed very rapidly. 

I have been using Bunion-Fix for about 20 minutes a day for two 2 weeks; I am starting to see and feel a difference in my bunions. I have a Bunion-Fix for each foot. 
The bunions are getting a bit smaller and my big toes are starting to become better aligned. I am also more comfortable in some shoes that I have not been able to wear in a while. This product is worth the money and it’s a much better option for me; I do not want to have to get foot surgery.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product on Amazon or It’s priced at $40.05, but there’s currently a 50% discount available on the official website.

How To Use

  1. First of all, secure the device around your toe foot
  2. Make sure that the soft gel below the hinge joint mechanism is on your bunion
  3. Adjust the stretch intensity to your liking

Can You Prevent Bunions?

Wearing comfy, flat shoes and avoiding tight ones, especially around the front of your foot, can help. It’s also a good idea to cut back on high heels or pointy shoes. Spending more time walking barefoot might also lower your chances of getting bunions.

Reasons To Like

  1. Helps to relieve pain
  2. It’s comfortable and easy to use

Reasons Not To Like

  1. Does not fix Bunion
  2. There are fake reviews online concerning the product

Why People Feel It’s Is A Scam

Customers believe is a scam because they believed the product would help their knees, but it didn’t. Also, when you try to return it, the company makes almost impossible with no clear return instructions or offering only part of the money back without sending the product back. Secondly not getting responses to emails for days adds to the feeling that something’s not right about the company. When companies don’t deliver on promises and make it tough to get help or refunds, it makes people suspicious that the company unreliable.

Should You Buy: Our Verdict

If you are hoping to reverse bunions using this, it will not work. Without surgery, anything you try might just ease the pain for a while and postpone surgery, but it won’t solve the actual problem. It’s best to consult an orthopedic doctor before buying this product as it may be a total waste of your money.

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