My Walkfit Experience For 30days: Is It Worth Paying For? Must Read

Are you struggling to lose weight and keep fit? Did you come across Walkfit App promising great results after consistent use? So did we.

Does £40 charged by Walkfit equal the results? What are real customer experiences and reviews concerning this app. I’ll share my experience using this app and the results I received after trial.

Walkfit website
Walkfit website

Overview Of Walkfit

The manufacturers behind the Walkfit app claim this application can help you lose weight, get fit, for better sleep and lots of other benefits.

The WalkFit app uses your phone’s activity tracker to count your steps and measure your speed, whether you’re walking or running.

WalkFit Highlights:

  • Customized Plans: Tailored walking programs based on your goals.
  • Daily Challenges: They have walking tasks to boost your fitness every day.
  • Voice-Guided Workouts: Clear instructions and motivation during sessions.

My Review: Charged for Unwanted Subscription

I tried their “1-month trial” but found the app glitchy, especially with tracking steps. At the end of the month, they charged my credit card about 40 euros for a subscription I didn’t even sign up for. This cost is more than what I pay for my monthly gym membership.

Unhelpful Customer Service

When I asked for a refund, the customer service said they couldn’t give my money back. Instead, offered a free annual subscription.

Is Walkfit Worth The Hype

No. currently this walking app is rated very low on Trustpilot and some review websites. To cancel subscription on their website is quite a hassle this is after they rob you into a subscription plan.

Reasons To Avoid

Many people are getting hit with surprise charges from Actitech after signing up for a supposed free trial. Many customers have reported the same issue on the PayPal app.
You’ll need to remember to either accept it or cancel it yourself.

Lots of people who used the app didn’t see any results regarding the weight loss as promised by the manufacturers. They are more concerned about selling their app and robbing people into subscription traps.

What Can You Do?

If you’ve been caught in this trap, consider reaching out to your bank or credit card company for help. Sharing your story on social media can also spread the word and possibly get companies like Actitech to rethink their ways.

Final Verdict

WalkFit is an app that helps you keep track of your steps and offers walking plans to help you stay active and reach your fitness goals.

Will I be trying Walkfit again? Well no. First this walk app claimed to help with weight loss but it did nothing for me, I just spent £40 for nothing.

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