I Tried Seed Probiotic For Two Weeks: Here’s What Happened

Choosing the right probiotic can be confusing with lots of options out there in the market. I came across Seed Probiotic on social media and most recently I tried Symprove probiotic and experienced a little bit of side effects after use. But is this probiotic any different?

Did you come across negative comments online about seed.com probiotic? So did I, I decided to try this supplement after seeing reviews online by customers. For the sake of this review, I’ll be sharing my experience using the Seed DS-02 Daily Symbiotic.

Seed Probiotic

About Seed Probiotic

Seed makes supplements and has two main products. The DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is a probiotic and prebiotic mix with 24 strains for adults. They also have the PDS-08 Pediatric Daily Synbiotic for kids and teens aged 3 to 17.


Acid-Resistant Vegan Outer [chlorophyllin] and Inner Capsules [hypromellose, fermented gellan gum, water] ,Organic rice fiber, Organic rice extract blend. Other ingredients are a lot of bacteria strains that make up the product. You can check it out in seed.com.

People love it because:

  • Helps with Digestion: Keeps you regular and reduces bloating.
  • Clearer Skin: Gives you glowing skin by keeping your gut healthy.
  • Heart Support: Helps balance good and bad cholesterol and manages fat well.
  • Boosts Immunity: Strengthens your immune system through your gut.

But is this just a clever marketing campaign, or does it really work? 

Why I Wanted to try a Probiotic

In my late 20s, I noticed I wasn’t as regular as before, and many of my female friends felt the same way. We didn’t talk about it much, but feeling bloated and uncomfortable really affects how you feel every day.

I decided to buy from DS-01 daily Synbiotic from their official website seed.com. When you first get the adult DS-01, you’ll also get a Welcome Kit. This kit has a reusable glass jar, a travel vial for a week’s worth of capsules, and a 30-day supply (60 capsules). After that, each month you’ll get a refill in a small pouch.

After trying the product, I got itchy in my neck about 12 hours later. The next day, I felt tired and couldn’t think straight. Then, I felt better and had more energy. I learned to take the capsules at night to sleep better and even started craving fish, helping me eat more protein.

But after a week, my feet swelled up. It took two days to get better after I stopped the product. Now, I’m having a hard time canceling my subscription and getting my money back from Seed.


  1. The packaging is great
  2. The company offers subscription which saves cost


  1. It is expensive to buy
  2. Can cause bloating
  3. Does not work for everyone
  4. The capsules are very big to swallow

Does Seed Probiotic Work

Yes it works for some people. Studies are still going on to determine if this product is safe and truly aids gut health as they claim it does. There are rumors that this product may help aid weight loss, however not all studies have found that probiotics aid weight loss. Some studies suggest that certain probiotics could cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

What Customers Are Saying

Generally people’s reaction to this product are mixed. Some customers found it quite helpful while others didn’t. Most of them have shared their experiences on Reddit and Trustpilot.

This is the first prebiotic/probiotic supplement that I’ve tried, and I’m happy with the results so far. I really like the unique “capsule within a capsule” format vs. having to mix something together.

After all of the massive advertising this company did I fell for it and bought the product. I have taken other probiotics for years and never had a problem. These made me very sick. Awful. Don’t buy. I wish I could return these.

How To Use

Take 2 capsules daily, all at once. Preferably on an empty stomach to limit exposure to digestive enzymes and bile salts.

Are There Side Effects

Yes, lord of people who bought this product experienced side effects like bloating, nausea, vomiting and swelling of the feet.

How Much Does It Cost

You’ll get a 30-day supply of 60 capsules for $49.99 per month. It’s billed to you monthly, and shipping is free. It is available on seed.com and Amazon.

Why I Won’t Be Buying from Seed.com Again

They charge you automatically after one month. I got charged again as apparently I was subscribed to a monthly refill. I never agreed to this, they don’t make this obvious on their website.

We checked the pills and found they didn’t contain probiotics, just a bit of inulin, which acts as a diuretic. Probiotics need to be kept cold to work properly. Also, It’s really hard to find genuine reviews that aren’t paid for by this company. Their Facebook page got rid of negative comments, so it seems like they’re more focused on good marketing than helping people with real digestive problems.

Other Probiotics To Consider

If you don’t want probiotic pills, try adding fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha to your diet. They’re good for your gut. You will need to start small and see how your body reacts.

Final Thoughts

I think this probiotic company might not last long because they’re not meeting customers’ expectations. They need to improve their customer service and be honest with answers, even if they’re not what customers want to hear.

Also, I don’t like that they push customers into a monthly subscription. We should get probiotics from our diet, not just pills. A good probiotic should stay alive in our gut if we eat right, and there should be more research on how to do that.


  1. How long does it take for Seed to work? It may take several months to notice improved digestion with Seed.
  2. Where is Seed located? Seed Health is based in Venice, California and started in 2016.
  3. Is Seed worth it? Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is a quality probiotic option.
  4. What are the side effects of Seed probiotics? You may have some stomach discomfort or changes in stool initially

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