Is Symprove Probiotic Worth Your Money? Must Read Before Buying

Are you considering buying Symprove Probiotic? Probiotics are increasing in popularity, but choosing the right one for you needs is quite a hassle. i came across this supplement online and after careful consideration i decided to try it out.

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and using this probiotic supplement, the pros, cons and what to expect.

What Is Symprove Probiotic

Symprove is a gut supplement that’s full of live and active bacteria. It claims to help balance your microbiome for a healthier gut. This bacteria improves your digestive system, balance the good and bad bacteria in your microbiome and better your health. Symprove is also vegan, dairy free and gluten free. But how true are these claims.

What Symprove probiotic offers

  • Science-led: tested in independent clinical trials
  • Water-based: vegan, dairy and gluten free 
  • Easy-to-take: one shot every day
  • Convenient: delivered straight to your door


Symprove’s main ingredients:

  • Water
  • Probiotics strains
  • Germinated barley extract
  • Sodium Citrate (acidity regulator)
  • Potassium Sorbate (preservative)
  • Vitamin C (acidity regulator)
  • Sucralose (sweetener in flavoured versions only)
  • Natural flavourings (in flavoured versions only)

Testing Symprove Probiotic For 2 Weeks

I have been looking for a liquid supplement for a long time, one that tastes really. Came across Symprove online and reached out. I had attended a teams meeting with Bob who did a great job of introducing the benefits and the evidence behind Symprove. I ordered from their official website helped my digestion. It did make me sick at first with a really bad headache.

It has more strains than any of the other products now on the market. I love this product and its benefits BUT i really don’t like the price. It’s so expensive without a discount code. If you keep giving discount codes out to celebs to promote on social media, then just lower the price. I’ve now joint the subscription to at least make it a little cheaper. It tastes nice and is so easy to take first thing in thing in the morning.

Symprove Pros: What I Fancy

  1. It helps your stomach stay healthy.
  2. It is backed by science
  3. There are lots of positive reviews online.

Symprove Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. It’s a bit pricey
  2. There are customer complaints online about the company.

Does Symprove Probiotic Work

Yes it works but it’s not a quick fix. Also it contains potassium sorbate, in other countries it is banned because it is toxic for DNA, second it contains lactic acid bacteria it is very easy to make by yourself at home with rice and brown sugar. it is not concentrated microorganisms it is just cheap lactic acid in barley water. Studies conducted by Symprove since have also suggested it may help to relieve symptoms of constipation predominant.

How to Use Symprove

  • Measure: 70ml with your dosing cup
  • Wait 10 mins: before you eat or drink (so it reaches your gut ready to work straight away)
  • Repeat: every day – consistency is key

How Long Does It Take To Work

It can take at lest 3 months for Symprove to work according to the manufacturers. Customers report seeing difference in their gut health after 3 months of constant use.

Where To Buy

You can buy symprove from their official website, Amazon. They offer subscription plans:

One-Time Purchase:

  • Starts at £79 for a 4-week pack.
  • If you want a 12-week pack, it’s £149.99.
  • Available for 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months.

Side Effects

Most people don’t have side-effects but some people may have bloating, diaherra when they first take it. But this is usually just a sign that the bacteria are where they need to be and getting to work.

Who Is Symprove For

  1. Anyone dealing with gut issues might find Symprove worth trying.
  2. If you’re into taking care of your gut microbiome.
  3. if you’re already on some healthy lifestyle choice.

How To Get In Contact With Customer Service

You can get in touch with them via 3 means. Get in touch Sands Rd, The Sands, Farnham GU10 1PX, 01252413600, [email protected].

Alternatives To Symprove

  1. Actimel Immune Support Yoghurt Drinks: It’s easy and tasty way to get good bacteria into your stomach, it has three live cultures, 10 billion L.casei cultures, and vitamins D and B6. No gluten, and there’s a dairy-free choice.
  2. Biomel Belgian Chocolate Dairy-Free Probiotic Shots: Loved by vegans and those with no dairy. Full of live cultures, plus vitamins D and B6.
  3. Yakult Original Fermented Milk Drink: A global morning favorite, it’s Packed with 20 billion L. casei shirota bacteria proven to reach your gut alive and keeps your gut bacteria balanced.
  4. Biotiful Kefir Drink: Each bottle has 30 billion live cultures and immune-boosting vitamin B12, has lots of flavors to choose from.

What To Expect When You Buy

  1. Subscription Stuff: Watch out for surprises in how the subscription works. Make sure you know exactly what your monthly payment is covering.
  2. Sending Stuff Back: If you need to return the product, get ready for a bit of a process. They might ask for all sorts of proofs like receipts and tracking numbers.
  3. Monthly Money Matters: Keep an eye on your emails for warnings about the next monthly payment. They might not give you much heads-up, so stay alert.
  4. Delivery Drama: Be ready for possible delivery issues. Whether it’s delays or problems with the courier, it might not always go smoothly.
  5. Talking to Customer Service: If you need help, Customer service might take a bit to get back to you.
  6. Product Quality Check: While the product itself is good, recent changes, especially in how they deliver it, might cause some problems. Expect delays and maybe some service hiccups.


Symprove is a probiotic that claims to help fix your gut problems but it isn’t a magical fix. Combine it with good habits like a balanced diet, exercise, quality sleep, and a connection with nature for optimal gut care.

I tried Bioma Probiotics Supplement.

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