Is Legit Or Scam Clothing Store? What You Must Know is an unreliable website that sells women clothing. The store makes use of deceptive advertising, including a false location in Europe.

I have always been a fan of clothing made from linen fabric, so when I saw this brand claiming to be 100% linen, I was skeptical, especially when comparing prices with similar retailers. I wondered if it was false advertising. However, with a mindset of giving it a try, I purchased an item. Here is my review.

About Lintico Clothing Store advertises linen tops, skirts, pants in really vibrant colors and lovely cuts on Facebook, Tiktok and lots of social media pages. There are different sizes of women clothing available on their website. However when we checked them out, we noticed that this company has potential to be a scam.

First Time Experience On

I came across a Facebook ad for $100 European linen clothing and thought it’d be a great buy since many linen products I’ve tried before turned out to be cotton blends. I bought Lintico’s linen top from, But when the package arrived, I was really disappointed. The color and style didn’t match the photos at all, and the fabric felt stiff. The fit was also bulky, not at all like the tailored look I was expecting. To make matters worse, there were bleach spots on the sleeves and both the front and back of the garment.

I’ve tried reaching out to them several times through email to get instructions for a return and refund, but I haven’t heard back from them. Even though their website claims they offer refunds or exchanges, it seems they’re not honoring that promise.

The Truth About Customer Complaints And Feedback

The company boasts about european linen but this linen happens to be the cheapest linen I have seen, it’s basically a thin loose fabric!

Secondly, the shipping speed is very slow with very little communication because they all come from China. Lintico only responds if you write to them via Trustpilot. Their website says refunds and exchanges are VERY EASY. NOT SO. There is nothing on the website that tells you how to send anything back.

The positive reviews that you’re seeing on Trustpilot are mostly fake. I found a customer review that spoke complete about ordering a chair which has nothing to do with the clothing store.

Customer review on Trustpilot

Examples of such complaint I found on trustpilot include:

I ordered online and have not receive a confirmation of order. Theres pending purchase on my credit card. They have my name, address and payment information. I feel uneasy about this company

Been waiting 3 weeks since ordering & paid but nothing! Ni email confirmation, just a reply saying they have a delay….hoping not a scam.

What I Like

  1. They sell lots of clothing
  2. Available in different colors

What I Don’t Really Like

  1. Takes days for them to answer emails
  2. The shipments come from China
  3. Some people receive different items from the ones ordered

What Does Their Refund Policy Look Like

They promise full refunds but only give back a portion. They state that any purchases made with a discount code are not eligible for returns. Also getting a return address from them is a problem; you’ll have to send multiple emails, and even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll reply.

Is Lintico A Scam

Well it’s not necessarily a scam. In my research, I did a Google image search and found that the tops on the official page looks just like one from Phase8, which is now out of stock. So if you see something you like, just take a screenshot and search for a similar item from a reputable website. This way, you can avoid potential scams and get the real deal.

Would I Buy Again

Definitely not, I was suspicious from the very beginning about this company. When the items finally arrived, the sizes were wrong, and I couldn’t wear them. This company is unreliable, their communication is appalling, and I will never order from them again. 

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  1. Where are Lintico clothes made? Lintico clothes are made in China.
  2. How do I reach out to customer service? Talking to Lintico can be tricky because they’re based in China. You can reach out to them customerservice@lintico.
  3. Is Lintico a scam? Buying from Lintico might mean waiting longer for your order and not getting quick replies to your messages but it’s not a scam.

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