Are Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes Worth It? My Experience Says No

Did you come across Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes? Hoping for a cheap false eyelash? At this point in my beauty career, there’s virtually no eyelash product or treatment I haven’t tried. Lash lifts? Done it. Eyelash extensions Yup. I’ve got a drawer so full of them.

But then I started hearing some great things about Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes. I was excited to try it, but honestly a little nervous, considering my previous lash disaster.

Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes
Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes

What Are Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes?

Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes are easy-to-use false lashes that you can wear daily or for special events. They have small magnets that keep them secure without using glue. You can wear them multiple times, making them a convenient and affordable choice for enhancing your eyelashes.

What You Get When You Order

  1. 2 pairs: Bellaire Magnetic Lashes
  2. 1 pair: tweezers
  3. 1 piece: dust storage box

My Experience with Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes

I bought these lashes hoping they were what I was looking for, but they weren’t the original ones I wanted. It took over two weeks for them to arrive, and they didn’t come with any instructions on how to apply them. The adhesive feels really sticky, almost like tar, and the corners of the lashes don’t stay down.

The packaging looks good, but it’s frustrating that there are no clear instructions. They don’t stay in place as promised and easily move out of position. Overall, I feel like I wasted my money on these lashes.

Reasons To Buy

  1. They are cheap
  2. Comes with different lashes

Reasons Not To Buy

  1. It does not work
  2. They can only be used one time
  3. There were no instructions on the package
  4. They are very hard to peel off the package

Does Bellaire Magnetic Lashes Work

No they don’t. This product is currently rated low on Amazon and Reddit. I tried these lashes, and they were a letdown. They kept sticking to the wrong places on my eyelids and were hard to position correctly. Since there were no clear instructions, I had to figure it out on my own. To make matters worse, the seller doesn’t allow returns. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on these.

Steps to Apply Bellaire Magnetic Lashes

  1. Put the Bellaire Magnetic Lashes on the tool, making sure the magnets face each other.
  2. Hold the tool near your eye, with its top and bottom parts around your real eyelash.
  3. Gently press the top part onto your eyelid, then close the bottom part to lock the lashes in place.

Should I Consider Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes

No, I didn’t buy these lashes from Amazon but directly from Bellaire through their Instagram ads, which was my first mistake. They arrived in a bubble wrap package, and the compact was scratched and dented. The magnets on the lashes seemed randomly glued, and the sizes were inconsistent.

When I reached out to customer service for a refund, they refused, claiming their lashes are of “quality craftsmanship.” Honestly, I’m too embarrassed to even show how bad they look once applied.

Do They Accept Returns

No, the company does not accept returns, claiming it’s due to “regulations,” even though the product is unused, still in its original packaging, and I requested the return within their stated timeframe. The company has terrible customer service and refuses a return, even though it’s within their company return policy. 

Final Words

Bellaire Magnetic Eyelashes does not work and are cheaply made. I wish I never bought them, I don’t recommend these at all. They can only be used one time, Hard to get off the packaging and what you receive is not what is advertised. Totally not worth your money. 

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