Tesla Skis Is An April Fools Fun Joke By J Skis

The Tesla Skis going around is not real but an elaborate April fools day joke. Lots of our readers reached out to us via email to confirm if the Telsa Skis currently trending on social media is real. But it’s actually fake and here’s what we discovered after research.

The Tesla Skis Surprise: April Fools’ Joke

The post made by Jason Levinthal on X says “Early this season a bunch of you spotted me testing blank prototypes, sorry I couldn’t tell you what they were at the time.  Last week I finally got to ride the final version of the world’s first Electric Ski. It was freakin’ awesome seeing everyone’s reactions at Mad River Glen and pretty impossible to hide, so the secret’s out”

The truth is Telsa never collaborated with Jason nor do they have anything to do with this invention. It’s all to create awareness and drive traffic to his page.

April Fools’ Joke: Tesla-Powered Ski by J Skis

Jason Levinthal, the guy behind J Skis, played an April Fools’ Day prank by saying he made the first-ever Tesla Motors Powered Electric Ski. These skis have a cool Tesla logo on them, catching many skiers’ attention. At ski lodges, Jason tells people that J Skis made the skis, and Tesla made the motor.

Jason made a pre-order page jskis.com with all the details. Clicking to buy sends you to a funny yellow April Fools’ page. It’s just a fun joke!

Mixed Reactions to the April Fools’ Joke

Some people weren’t happy with Jason’s prank, leaving negative comments on his Instagram post. One person wrote, “Seems like a waste of time for a silly joke.”

But Jason stood by his prank, responding, “It wasn’t just a quick thing! We’ve been at it for 2 years, working day and night. It was tough juggling this with running J Skis, but it’s all for the love of the sport!”

Does Telsa Make Skis: Final Words

No, Telsa skis is purely an April fools joke video created by Jason Levinthal and it’s not to be taken seriously. Currently people who fell for the prank are talking about it all over Reddit and on X.

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