Did Oj Simpson Kill Nicole Brown and Goldman?

A tweet was shared on X, claiming to be from O.J. Simpson’s account, saying, “I did it. -OJ.” The Oj Simpson Tweet claimed that he was involved in the killing of Brown and Goldman on his deathbed, even though he was cleared of these crimes back in 1995. Several posts said this was Oj Simpson Tweet before he passed away, but his family later deleted it.

Oj Simpson Tweet
Oj Simpson Tweet

An Overview

Back in 1995, O.J. Simpson was accused of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. He was found not guilty in the criminal trial, but a civil court later ordered him to pay $33.5 million to the families of the victims.

Even after spending nine years in jail for a 2007 robbery, Simpson has only paid about $100,000 of that debt. With interest piling up, he now owes over $100 million, as the Los Angeles Times reports. Simpson passed away on Wednesday from prostate cancer in Las Vegas, according to The Associated Press.

What Did O.J. Simpson post on social media before he passed away?

Simpson’s last real tweet was about the Super Bowl in February. He mentioned he was feeling okay and cheered for the San Francisco 49ers. In 2023, Simpson said he had cancer, and news later said he had prostate cancer.

Did O.J. Simpson Confess on Twitter?

No, he didn’t.

Simpson always said he didn’t do the crime. But back in 2006, he talked about a book called “If I Did It.” The book made a lot of people talk because it looked like he was talking about the crime, even though it was a story.

Bottom Line

There’s no proof that Simpson killed Nicole Brown and Goldman. He never admitted to the crimes. The person who first posted the fake news later said it was just a joke in two follow-up posts. One post had a stick figure with “joke” above its head, and the other showed Superman with “the joke” over it.

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