I Tried Luxe Lash Lift For 2 Weeks: Here Is An Unpaid Review After Trial

Do you want gorgeous long lashes? Luxe Lash Lift is currently trending on Tiktok and Instagram as an at home lash extension.

I’ve noticed a bunch of ads for cosmetic companies on social media, but I always take them with a grain of salt because, you know, they’re trying to sell stuff. After checking out a bunch of reviews, I finally decided to go for it and try the lash lift.

A Little About Luxe Lash Lift

The Luxe Lashlift Set is a kit you can use at home to make your lashes look longer and curlier. It works like the treatments you get at a beauty salon, but you can do it yourself. Plus, it lasts for about 2 months, so you don’t have to go to the salon as often.

Trying Luxe Lash Lift For The First Time

I was really excited to give this product a shot especially seeing the before and after images online. After carefully reading the instructions and gathering all the necessary supplies, I was ready to dive in. The first step seemed simple enough: sticking on the pads. But because of my eye shape, it turned into quite the ordeal. Despite my best efforts, including trimming the pads and applying extra glue, they just wouldn’t stay put. After struggling for what felt like ages, I resorted to using medical tape to keep them in place.

Unfortunately, all that effort didn’t pay off. I patiently waited for the perm cream and lotion to work their magic which was after waiting a total of 24 minutes. I did notice a little bit of difference but it was not revolutionary. While it might work for some, it definitely wasn’t worth it for me.

Does Luxe Lash Lift Work

Yes but temporarily. This product curls lashes and lasts about 3 weeks, but it’s not easy to use. It’s nearly impossible to do it on yourself because your eyeball moves when you’re trying to see what you’re doing with the other eyeball. Unless you do both eyes at the same time, you’re looking at an hour and half, if not longer, to accomplish this.

Customer Complaints

There are customer complaints that these pads do not stick to the lash as expected, these complaints are all over Reddit and BBB. Some of the complaints online include:

The video makes it look so easy. It is NOT! Now that I have tried this, I see what everyone keeps saying about the pads not sticking to the eyelids. The glue sticks to eyelid, not the pad. And, NO, the pad does NOT have stickers. (Or just my order doesn’t) After all the time, effort and $ on 2 sided tape, and extra glue to try to get them to stick, I realize that I could have paid a pro at this point. No stress!

I received my product and was pretty excited. However, According to the video there were materials use that wasn’t included. The directions were easy to follow and once I removed the eye pads my eyelids were burning. I washed and ruined area thoroughly and a day later I had chemical burns to my eye lida. The product was a bust and didn’t lift my lashes as stated. Never again will I purchase this product.

Glue didnt stay even after following instructions with cleaning and room being cool .Had reaction causing face and eye to swell.It burnt my eye lid made raw.Photo was mild then what happen after.Photo was in healing status.Being I followed instructions, It was upsetting when Luxe wouldnt do anything and blamed me for everything and actually insulted me.They continued to give generic advice like i was dumb.I at time of contacing them needed to go to doctor and they wanted no part of it.They again insulted me as user error.But it wasnt.The glue was bad dudnt work right and I had reactions.The swelling caused more prounounced wrinkling around my eye and its not gone away after healing.All they wanted to do is give refund. I filed complaint and they act untouchable.


  1. It’s available on various retail stores
  2. it has a very good price compared to those on the market
  3. Comes with a step by step instruction


  1. Its not easy to apply
  2. Takes time to apply
  3. Does not work for some people

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon and on their official website Luxecosmetics.de, walmart and other retail websites. The price differs but its from $39.99.


  1. Clean Your Lashes: Wash your lashes to remove any makeup. Pat them dry with a tissue.
  2. Stick on the Pad: Choose the right size pad and stick it just above your lashes.
  3. Apply Glue: Put glue on the pad.
  4. Apply Lotions: Apply two lotions to your lashes and leave them on for a few minutes.
  5. Remove Pad: Gently take off the pad and clean any leftover glue.

Pro tip: first work on one eye at a time because adhesive on these do not stick, and you literally have to keep your fingers pressed on them the whole time. It ruins, the whole lash look.

Is Luxe Lash Lift Worth Your Money

This kit is okay it has a little bit of a learning curve my eyelashes are very straight. This did curl my eyelashes but not as much as I was expecting. The product costs $45 for 3 treatments is just $15 per treatment which is a fraction of what it costs me to go get it done at the salon.

Is Luxe Cosmetics A Scam

No it’s not an outright scam. The company luxecosmetics.de is an unreliable website and currently rated 2.8 on Trustpilot and the complaints are relating to shipping, customer service amongst other things. If you have issues, to get a refund, you need to show pictures of your lashes before, during, and after using the product.

Secondly, I noticed that the reviews on their website are mostly 4 or 5 stars. But I read online that the company might be hiding or deleting negative reviews. The money back guarantee doesn’t exist as no one replies to your emails, most of the perfect reviews are actually paid for.

My Verdict

Finally, Luxe Lash Lift is a lot cheaper than going to a salon. However it takes a lot longer to apply than you think. The instructions weren’t very clear for me, so I had to watch YouTube tutorials a few times while I was doing my eyelashes. But you should know that this product is not recommended by professionals because it can have disastrous effects and only lasts few hours.

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