Top Heat Review: 5 Reasons why Top Heat Heater Sucks!

In case you’re thinking of ordering the Top Heat heater, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product, the company, and the reviews online.

Read this genuine review to find out why the Top Heat Personal Space Heater is not worth your money.

Top Heat Heater – Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this space heater is the rave of the internet is because it is been sold for 50% discount. But when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews online, you’d see that there are no genuine customer reviews.

The reviews online are sponsored reviews paid for by the company behind this product. The reviews are not telling you the exact truth about the product. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t think of buying Orbis Heater –

Doesn’t Heat up Rooms efficiently

Though the reviews online and Ads claim the product warms 500sq ft room, that isn’t the case. When we put the product to test we discovered it can only warm maybe 5sq ft. The claim that Top Heat heats up small and large rooms to 75 degrees in just 2 minutes is entirely false.

Unauthorized Orders

Payment discrepancies is one of the issues most customers have faced when ordering Top Heat Heater. Instead of just one, the company tried to sell them four. If you’re not observant you’d be made to pay for four instead of just one.


It is been sold for extremely high prices. It is sold for almost $60 whereas this exact space heater can be gotten for far cheaper prices online.

On Amazon you can get similar ‘portable heater’ for 20$-50$ and save yourself more money and time.

Suspicious Nature

On the Contact Us page, The given phone number is 855 741 9257. From our findings, the company behind Top Heat are the ones behind Novitec a shady Wifi extender and Alpha Heater. Damn! This is another red flag on its own. Modern Life Trend is one of the aggressive marketing companies online that keeps selling not too cool products.

What this company does is buy products for cheaper rates in China, then invest in social media advertising, SE0 advertising, copy writing and all the likes, to make the products look real or legit to buyers. This is why when you search for Orbis Heater reviews you’d see tons of reviews from blogs endorsing the product. You’d also see similar space heaters like Amperheat heater, HeatCore, Orbis, etc.

But one thing stands out…..the contents are all similar. All hog-wash, make believe reviews. Unfortunately, you would get tempted to buy this product. Don’t beat yourself! Who wouldn’t? The reviews look real, moreover they’re from popular websites. What a shame! Sponsored reviews do the most these days.

Fake Customer Reviews

During our investigation, we realized the positive reviews online, both that of Youtube and Blogs, are all fake. They are sponsored posts. These reviewers are just affiliate marketers who get paid commission for any sale they make. So they are reviewing the product without even seeing it for starters.r.

Top Heat Heater Complaints

People who’ve bought and used this product have left reviews online stating that the product received is a piece of junk. The heater only goes up to 32 , and the lowest setting is 15. Also, it doesn’t stay running longer than maybe 3 minutes tops , before it shuts off. It doesn’t heat up 500sq ft., maybe 5sq ft.

Top Heat Heater Reviews: Is It Legit?

We are skeptical about Top Heat Heater as there are a lot of red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. Have you bought Top Heat Heater? What were your experiences? Please drop a comment!


  1. Topheat portable heater is too small to be effective in even the smallest rooms. In order to even feel the heat, it needs to be placed high on the wall. Most wall outlets are too low to make it useful. The design. Is poor as it’s weight is held out from the outlet by at least an inch which means that it tilts and hangs loosely from the outlet.
    Modern Life, a retailer of this device in Garden Grove California only offers a thirty day warranty and requires that you contact them only by phone and not through their customer service email.
    Their delivery was suspect as it was delayed by eight weeks in shipping from California (to California) and when I called to cancel the order they said it had just been shipped and couldn’t be canceled.
    Don’t buy this product and definitely buy through Top Heat or Modern Life.

    1. Bruce, I received the same run-around. Ordered six on Xmas and an email stated (after I paid in full) this product was on “back order”. No mention of this while placing my order. Six weeks later, no shipping label created per female customer service agent, but offered 25% my order. Three different c.s. agents gave me conflicting information. After waiting their suggested, “give it until next week”, which was total b.s. and more time to stall. I demanded a full refund and was declined because, “your order has shipped”. Really? Never received a tracking number, but I did get a FULL refund. Rumor has it that these heaters are from China and the delay is in repackaging the product to make it appear it is from CA.

  2. I purchased two heaters during the order process they baited me to purchase a third one at an even lower price. I waited three weeks to receive the heaters. The instructions are written in broken English, the heaters do not heat the space that they claim, the heaters give the temperature readings in Celsius NOT Fahrenheit, the heaters were shipped to me in a plastic mailing bag without any sort of protection so all of the boxes were crushed. The return policy is the worst ever! According to them if they are returned damaged they will not refund you. I put them in the original bag and then I had to make a box to ship them back, hopefully they won’t try to pull “the damaged in return card” It cost me nearly $20.00 in shipping. Yes you have to call to get an RA #, yes you have to pay for shipping, yes you will be reminded MULTIPLE times that you did not pay for shipping when you placed the order (as though that is supposed to somehow justify paying for shipping to return them) Oh yeah, the agent attempted to “graciously” give me a 20% refund to keep the heaters!
    They say there is a sucker born every day, take it from this “sucker,” don’t buy this product!

  3. This is a scam, they take your money for a badly designed product, delay shipping as long as possible, ship in subpar materials and will NOT respond to any inquiries. 2 heaters were destroyed in shipping, the other one won’t stay in the socket and hangs halfway out exposing the metal prongs. Not good. The return process is painful and delayed repeatedly. YOU will have to pay return shipping! Meanwhile they are gleefully investing your money in risky very short term investments until they are forced to give it back. This is how they make money, not on their products…in fact they depend on those products being returned, it’s part of their business model. Run away! Run away fast!

  4. I am so glad that I took the time to read the reviews on this heater. I have been scammed a few times and am very wary about products now. They sure make it look good. It infuriates me that I can’t trust anyone or anything anymore, but there are websites like this one that makes me feel a lot better about purchasing anything. I am now in the habit of looking for reviews when I see something that I like. Thanks to you all!

  5. Great analysis Wendy.
    All your points are right on.
    It’s mostly all sales hype.
    The key statistic is that the TopHeat heater is only 450 watts.
    You can buy others in that range for a lot less.
    And they cannot properly heat a full size room. These are like the little ceramic heaters that people put under their desks at work to keep their legs warm.
    Serious portable space heaters for average rooms often get up to 1500 watts.

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