Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews [2021] 5 Reasons Why This Wifi Booster Sucks!

In case you’re thinking of ordering the wifi booster device called Novitec Wifi Booster this 2021, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product.

As a result of the mails we have been receiving about the authenticity about the WIFI booster or extender called Novitec, we decided to do some background investigation.

We hope this review meet you well and on time.

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews
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Novitec Wifi Booster- Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because it claims to Maximize data transfer (up to 300Mbps). Furthermore, the device is been sold for 50% discount. You also get to pay lower when you buy more.

However, when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews on the website, you’d see that they are not verifiable reviews of this product.

The most important thing to know is that Novitec Boost isn’t a real name of the product. Someone just gave it the name in order to boost the price of this Wi-Fi repeater.

It is been sold for almost 50 dollars on the website But in reality, the real price of the item is just 7 dollars? Yeah, that’s right. It’s a Chinese Wi-Fi booster and the average price of this thing is only 10$.

Searching For these Items? See Legit Sellers

This was what led us to review this product. The online store offering this cheap wifi booster is . They provide the following contact details-

  • Phone Number :  + 1 (888) 420-8021
  • Address : 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083 

It is true that this website seems legit, however what you should be worried about is if this device actually does what they say it do?

Should You Be Concerned About Novitec Wifi Extender?

The answer to that question is Yes. Though there are lots of positive reviews about this device on the website, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product.

Furthermore, the review on is a sponsored review. It wasn’t written by any member of their team. The review is up there because the owner of Novitec Booster has paid them to promote their device on their website.

Below are reasons why Novitec Booster repeater looks pretty suspicious-

Novitec Customer Reviews- Fake!

You might have come across the reviews section on, and the claim of having more than 8,000 satisfied customers. However, that is hog wash, or simply put; a sales trick to make you buy the product.

Using Google search texts, we discovered the reviews of so called customers were gotten online. What this means is that the reviews are lies, and the customers are not real.

Below is the Google search result we got for ‘Andrea.’ As can be seen below, the exact review has been written for a similar product.

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews 2019

Novitec Booster Customer Complaints

Those who had purchased the WIFI booster were totally disappointed when it arrived. Instead of a WIFI booster, what they received was WIFI extender. The truth is Novitec Wifi Boost is being advertised as the speed unblocker from ISP not as range extender.

Below is what a customer has to say about Novitec Boost WIFI booster-

The tiny ant sized print they call instructions is useless, 1st RED FLAG! No online real instructions, just lame videos that skip steps! 2nd RED FLAG!! No email reply and only voicemail, 3#rd Strike!!! Big time Scammers! They should be sued big time! I will post this on every social media platform as well as report this fraud. I know they’re laughing at us for being foolish to fall for their BS!

Timothy Smith

No Customer Support

The major problem people have had with the device is that there is nobody to talk to. Those who managed to get in touch with a customer service agent were disappointed as it turned out it is pretty much difficult to return the product. In the end, they became stuck with a device that does not work as they had expected it to.

Does Novitec WIFI Booster Really Work?

The answer to the question is NO. Just like ZenBooster and Signal WIfi, Novitec boost does not work on 5GHz wireless routers, and the speed is just 30 mbps.

The statements provided on website about WiFi Booster boosting Internet connection speed is a fake information.

Actually, such a booster could reduce the speed of the Internet because it works with 2.4 Hz frequency, not with 5 Hz. And basically it’s not even a WiFi Booster, it’s a chinese WiFi repeater or extender.

The original price of this item is about $10, so it isn’t wise to spend 50 dollars on it. It only makes sense if you want to buy a device that helps to get rid of WiFi dead spots in your house. It’s not suitable for boosting Internet connection speed!

UPDATE- In the one year this review was published, there have been opposing views on if this WIFI booster really works. We ask that you do due diligence when buying this product.


  1. Its seems our gullibility through our phones hurts our wallets. Thanks for pointing out the obvious about culprits deceptive sales tactics. I will use your site as a resource.

  2. The company is a complete scam. A Google search of the phone number “888-420-8021” shows it listed on the Men R Us Facebook page which is selling mens clothing and assorted junk electronics. Novitech address 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083

      is for a freight forwarder shipping company.

    1. Don’t ever buy the device that saves on your electricity bill. That is a scam too. It’s probably the same people that are advertising this. They are Iranians when you call for a refund but on their site there is a pic of 2 caucasians guys…..The internet is the down fall of our country.

  3. I bought a Novitec wifi booster from the ad on Facebook. It seemed legit. It arrived in the mail in less than a week. It did not say wifi booster on the box, it actually says Wireless Range Extender. The instructions are for a Wireless Range Extender 2 but the box that plugs into the wall says wifi4. I emailed them and they replied with clearer instructions. I called and the man on the phone was difficult to understand due to having a heavy accent. The information on the shipping paper was not matching with the product I ordered. I also did not feel safe linking to an unsecure wifi connection they request in the directions.

  4. I called the company and they gave me an immediate refund. They said to keep the device. Calvin was professional and helpful. I still do not plan on using this device, it seems fishy.

  5. I got sucked into this one and received the “range extender” yesterday. In addition to the false claims and fact it doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi, within 12 hours of installing it, my CREDIT CARD WAS HACKED so I’m now suspecting this device has some embedded software that monitors or has some ability to get access to sensitive information from my smart phone which was the only device connected through this. I don’t know that this is even possible, it may be pure coincidence, but the reality that the device is not as advertised is correct. Stay away from this.

  6. I just got one and tried to connect it and I can’t. The instructions are useless and the video they provided was even worse. Also when you contact their support these people apparently do not speak English which adds a lot of spice to the conversation. I would call this a scam but they did say they would refund me the cost which means I have to pay shipping for something that doesn’t perform twice and that really sucks. My next stop is the BBB.

  7. There is no such thing as a Wi-Fi booster. They simply take a weak signal and boost it, showing you full wi-fi bars, however, it’s still the same original strength.


  9. It is a complete SCAM! I was dumb enough to buy 2 because they said that the more the better and then when you buy one and go to check out, a screen pops up and gives you a discount to buy one more for $34.99, then again yet another pop up to buy more even cheaper. I figured, well if they don’t work, they have (so they say) a hassle free 30 day money back guarantee so, nothing to worry about right…. wrong.. So they finally arrive about a week and half later, I tried them immediately, didn’t want to lose out on that 30 day money back guarantee in case they didn’t work. Well, you guessed it, they didn’t work. I plugged them in just like the instructions said, and checked the speed. It was only 14.88. My own internet speed is 49.54. Well, I said to myself, I’ll plug in the other one in and connect it and that should be good… nope.. Turns out you can only use one at a time, so what’s the sense in buying more than one? And they say that it extends to places that are a distance away from the router, well, that’s not true either. I went to the garage to try it and I didn’t get “any” signal at all.
    Sooo, here’s the best part. After emailing them asking for my “Hassle Free” return, they try to give me a 10% discount to keep them.. I said no thank you. So, they email me back again and tell me this time they will give me a 30% discount if I keep them and I told them why would I keep something that doesn’t work. Soo, here it comes,,,, they say okay well, you have to pay to have them retuned. WHAT? What happened to Hassle Free money back guarantee???? And to top it off, not only do “I” have to pay to return something that they know doesn’t work, I have to wait 30 days for it to be inspected to see if it was used. Because if it was used, you don’t get your money back. Wait, how are you supposed to know if something works if you don’t try it. Mind you this all was in a matter of 24 hours. So, “if” they approve the return, then you “might” get your money back but not until 45 days later. So now, I’m out all that money, and hopefully someday I’ll get my money back from something that doesn’t work.

  10. I purchased the Novitec because of the reviews. I quickly found out that it is cheap and does nothing to improve Wifi but actually slowed it down. Don’t waste your money. Returns are painful too. You have to first and pay the return fee. Save your money!

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