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SignalTech WIFI Booster Review: Why It Doesn’t Work!

In case you’re thinking of buying the wifi extender device called SignalTech this 2021, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product.

As a result of the mails we have been receiving about Signaltech wifi booster setup and its authenticity, we decided to do some background investigation.

We hope this review meet you well and on time.

SignalTech Wifi Booster- Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because it claims to Maximize data transfer (up to 300Mbps). Furthermore, the device is been sold for 50% discount. You also get to pay lower when you buy more.

However, when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews on the website, you’d see that they are not verifiable reviews of this product.

Searching For these Items? See Legit Sellers

This was what led us to review this product. The online stores offering this product are numerous.

It is true that this website seems legit, however what you should be worried about is if this device actually does what they say it do?

Should You Be Concerned About SignalTech Wifi Booster?

The answer to that question is Yes. Though there are lots of positive reviews about this device on the website, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product.

Furthermore, the review on is a sponsored review. It wasn’t written by any member of their team. The review is up there because the owner SignalTech has paid them to promote their device on their website.

Below are reasons why SignalTech wifi booster looks pretty suspicious-

Customer Complaints

Those who had purchased the WIFI booster were totally disappointed when it arrived. Instead of a WIFI booster, what they received was WIFI extender. The truth is SignalTech is being advertised as the speed unblocker from ISP not as range extender.

Below is what a customer has to say about SignalTech WIFI booster-

Purchased from Signal Tech a Wifi-Booster devise, unfortunately I received a WiFi Range Extender. I searched for a contact information for Signal Tech with no luck. I had 30 days to return the product. I also realized that I did not received a confirmation email after I ordered the product on line!

Timothy Smith

No Customer Support

The major problem people have had with the device is that there is nobody to talk to. Those who managed to get in touch with a customer service agent were disappointed as it turned out it is pretty much difficult to return the product. In the end, they became stuck with a device that does not work as they had expected it to.

Does SignalTech Wifu Booster Really Work?

No, It doesn’t work.

According to, this device offers you a speed up to 300Mbps which is pretty exciting. But the truth is that this WiFi Booster is a WiFi Repeater, not a WIFI booster.

 WiFi Repeaters halve the Internet speed because they connect as regular devices to WiFi spots, so when you use this product you are lowering your internet speed instead of boosting it.

Just like ZenBooster, this product does not increase your internet speed.

UPDATE- In the one year this review was published, there have been opposing views on if this WIFI booster really works. We ask that you do due diligence when buying this product.


  1. Heck I cant even get mine to work. Bought 2 of them (planned on using them as extenders) pug first one in, doesn’t even power on, no lights,Nada, nothing ,zilch.
    Plugged second one in lights came on connected through WPS button seemed to be working ok. Went through set up, WiFi Repeater (thats its default name) shows up on the WiFi list on my smart phone. Go through setup, looks like it gonna work little wheel spins around like its looking for something is happening, Then get message “Action has timed out”. Try again and this time I cant even get it to show up on my wifi device list.
    Tried getting costumer service NADA. No help, no answer, no service.
    DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT. One not working, ok, something broken. both not working? Something Funny going on.

  2. I also purchased my item as a Wi Fi Booster. I plugged it in and can’t even get any lights to come on, flicker or anything. Tried various plugs, even used the cable and plugged into my computer and got nothing, nada, zero. Complete waste of money and time. Lots of frustration though.

  3. We purchased a SignalTech WiFi Range Extender. To start, Plug into Wall and wait for WLAN LED to start blinking. It has not started blinking, but it does show up on our WiFi on computer labeled WiFi Repeater. I paid $47.00 and now have a smalll piece of plastic that doesn’t work, I am super pissed off.

  4. I just purchased one, as our internet is DSL, and it’s all we have available in our area. It was just like the ad stated, I had okay speed two months ago and suddenly everything is buffering a lot. Called the internet company and they told me I was paying for glorified dial-up and for such and such money I could upgrade my internet, but it was frustrating because a few months ago I was working from home and had no problem with the internet. This item seemed like a good idea and the reviews sounded great. I just received it and followed the directions and logged onto the site, because the my repeater site was a no go, and started following the directions until as it was connecting to my router it kept saying “unsecure site”. That freaked me out and I disconnected and unplugged it at the 5% mark. Visions of hackers, having control over my PC and gaining passwords and such, danced in my head. I’m going to talk to a computer guru friend of mine and see what he says. I ordered mine using PayPal so if I cannot figure it out I am hoping to return it through them.

  5. The lights on my booster are so dim i cannot even see if it is on. this is undoubtedly the biggest piece of junk i have encountered in the tech world. I have been on hold for customer service and wonder if there is even such a thing. Folks please don’t waste your time buying this product. As other readers have said, it is not worth any amount of money.

  6. This device is absolute garbage. The setup software doesn’t work properly, most of the time it doesn’t load at all, or won’t let me interact when it does. And when it does, it doesn’t save the changes. Once again, GARBAGE, GARBAGE, GARBAGE, GARBAGE. Do not buy this piece of junk!!!

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