ZenBooster Review: Is Zen Booster a Scam WIFI Booster?

In case you’re thinking of ordering the wifi extender device called Zen Booster in 2021, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product.

As a result of the mails we have been receiving about the authenticity about the WIFI booster or extender called ZenBooster, we decided to do some background investigation.

We hope this review meet you well and on time.

ZenBooster Wifi Repeater- Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because it claims to Maximize data transfer (up to 300Mbps). Furthermore, the device is been sold for 50% discount. You also get to pay lower when you buy more.

However, when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews on the website, you’d see that they are not verifiable reviews of this product.

Searching For these Items? See Legit Sellers

This was what led us to review this product. The online store offering this cheap energy saver is zen-booster.com . They provide the following contact details-

  • Phone Number :  +1 202-949-3070
  • Mail : : [email protected]
  • Address- Erlanger, Kentucky, United States

It is true that this website seems legit, however what you should be worried about is if this device actually does what they say it do?

Should You Be Concerned About Zen-booster.com?

The answer to that question is Yes. Though there are lots of positive reviews about this device on the website, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product.

Furthermore, the review on APnews.com is a sponsored review. It wasn’t written by any member of their team. The review is up there because the owner Zenbooster has paid them to promote their device on their website.

Below are reasons why Zenbooster wifi extender looks pretty suspicious-

Suspicious YouTube Channel

You might have come across the Youtube video of Zenbooster. If you had looked closely, you would notice that the video has more than ten thousand views. Sounds pretty high right?

However, one thing looks OFF.

The comment section has been turned off. Why? you may ask. This is the same question we have in mind. Why would they turn off their comment section?

It is either that they don’t want people to interact on the post, or they don’t want people to narrate their experience with the product. Why upload videos and not let people comment? isn’t that pretty suspicious?

ZenBooster Customer Complaints

They turned off their comment section, but were not smart to know that they can’t stop the truth from getting out. They can delete all the comments on their Facebook posts, but one thing they can’t touch on Facebook is the product ratings and reviews on the page.

And guess what? There are TOOONNNNS of negative reviews on the page. You can check here, to see for yourself.

Below is what a customer has to say about Zenbooster WIFI booster-

The tiny ant sized print they call instructions is useless, 1st RED FLAG! No online real instructions, just lame videos that skip steps! 2nd RED FLAG!! No email reply and only voicemail, 3#rd Strike!!! Big time Scammers! They should be sued big time! I will post this on every social media platform as well as report this fraud. I know they’re laughing at us for being foolish to fall for their BS!

Timothy Smith

No Customer Support

The major problem people have had with the device is that there is nobody to talk to. Those who managed to get in touch with a customer service agent were disappointed as it turned out it is pretty much difficult to return the product. In the end, they became stuck with a device that does not work as they had expected it to.

Does Zen Booster Really Work?

The answer to the question is complicated. The truth is that the device does not work on 5GHz wireless routers, and the speed is just 30 mbps.

The problem most people have with the device is that they were not clearly told that the device only works on 2. 4GHz.

The goodnews is this; You can get a SUPER WIFI BOOSTER that works on 5GHZ and has super speed.

What more? they are been sold by trusted sellers on Amazon. You can always get a refund if you are not satisfied by the product.

UPDATE- In the one year this review was published, there have been opposing views on if this WIFI booster really works. We ask that you do due diligence when buying this product.


  1.  Sooo, at the bottom of this page there was an ad . i clicked it and was taken to a site for, Range XTD Wifi Booster! It has the EXACT same story published on Zenboosters site, word for word and picture for picture. Lets get this straight, ALL THESE DEVICES ARE A SCAM!!! EVERY DAMN ONE!!

  2. I ordered without looking into it. I could not get it to connect to the internet so I returned it to the address on the envelope it came in. They have had the product back over 30 days and they are not issuing a refund because they said I sent it to the wrong address.

    1. Vicki, they deny they ever received mine but I had the USPS receipt with tracing and know the exact date they got it.

  3. I bought this 2 months ago and found it cut my internet speed in half. YES 50%. I was charged for 3 when I only ordered one. Long story short I sent the product back even as they denied me a refund. Filed a claim with Paypal also, a month ago. For some reason PP is taking forever to make a decision even though Zen has it’s product back and has the 100% offer. Now if PP rules against me I’ll be out $112 as well as the nonbooster. They are a scam cause the units don’t work and refusing to give my $ back

      1. Yeah PP did that to me on a China scam product I bought on Facebook. Took a long time and denied my claim and reopened it 3 times due to my documentation. I got on Facebook PP and blasted them there and on messenger and finally got a refund. Keep all you documents and start a campaign to publicly blast them and you will eventually get a refund!!

    1. Very Similar with me. I did not investigate before I ordered. I ordered 1 booster.
      The confirmation said (3). I tried to reduce the order back to (1). They said it was too late to do that. I placed my order on January 1, and on January 2nd, could not revise, so I thought I would see if they worked. I wanted wireless for my security cameras and doorbells.
      I hooked up to my laptop with an ethernet cable, and it did help there a little bit, but not i am toed down with a cable.
      I tried following the directions that came in the box. Made no sense. The directions on the website were not any better.
      100% customer satisfaction is a bunch of BS. I keep asking for an RMA and address, but they said their policy is to leave a minimal footprint. More BS.

    2. call paypal and let them know in no un-certain turns you are displeased with them also
      they just gave me my money back to my accountthat is better than nothing let them know that this company is a rip-off and they know it

  4. I too ordered the Range XTD… was billed for three, and could not contact them to cancel.
    LUCKILY I used PayPal which immediately refunded my $$$.
    Since then, the PayPal option to pay was “not working’ on their website.
    BUYER BEWARE and always us PayPal

  5. If you use a bank account to pay and they won’t refund then call the bank let them know you have been scammed. Most banks will fight for you.

    1. My credit union is trying to get the refund but so far no luck. They lied and said they’d sent me an email asking for the tracking number and I never replied. Now all these months later, I can’t find the receipt but I did generate an email the same day I mailed it! And I have ALL my correspondence with them, an entire file folder.

  6. I got sucked in by this also. Unfortunately, I through away the envelope. I have followed their instructions for returns but only get a recording when called and no one responds to e-mails. I will be contacting my credit card company as well as the better business bureau and anyone else I can think of about this situation as it is most definitely a scam.

    1. Your business guest revenge is to do a search on the product adding review to your search. Go to every site and paste your review. That’s how I found this site, so now I know it’s a scam and I won’t be buying it.

  7. Yes, another sucker. Never got my authorization from me to charge credit card for one unit, musch less the three that hey charged to my card. If you use PayPal account PP will help recover your loss. Credit Card company says that you need to go to bank that you make your payments through for any help. They have a rating of F from the Better Business Bureau. BBB has no teeth to do anything.

  8. I am SOOO glad I’ve read All these reviews on this “product”. It’s now so Obviously a Huge Scam! Thank You All for saving me money as I was thinking about purchasing one!

  9. I’m considering filing a complaint with my state’s Attorney General Consumer Protection Division and/or initiating a class-action lawsuit due to their ongoing refusal to refund my $$ after it took months just to get the address to which to mail the returned product. Have an entire file folder of documentation showing their terrible business practices. Now they deny I returned it! I’m soooo done with this sort of criminal activity. You have to wonder what the exact number is of people who’ve had the same experience as mine.

      1. This is the address they finally sent me. I sent it to this address and the tracking number indicated it was delivered. Now they want the tracking number. Still have not received a refund.

        Name: ZenBooster
        Street 1: DONALDSON ROAD CENTER 1
        Street 2: 1390 DONALDSON RD, BAY H
        City: ERLANGER
        State / Province: KY
        ZIP / Postal Code: 41018
        Country: US

    1. I am behind you Noni this is outrageous and needs to be stopped. If I can do anything besides climb onboard let me know.

  10. yep all attempts to connect device were a dead end street and no response from support addresses . Nowhere’sville on all attempts . DUDLEY SCAM BOX!!

  11. They got me too! I knew it the moment I hit the button to pay for the item, I should have done more research. However, it would not have taken much to find out this is a scam. I tried to cancel it even tho PayPal listed it as not a complete transaction the company did not cancel it. They did not respond for a couple days and then said it was too late, however it had not shipped. Well that was my first clue.

    Next was the instructions (all the time I am trying to return it) that made no sense to me, something about I needed an extender. Far from the 100% guarantee of satisfaction, and no questions asked. When I got a reply from Shevat they asked and continue to ask exactly what is wrong, and for pictures of the installation…..it is a joke. Beware! I am sure the next step is I can return it minus shipping of $9 so on it goes. Dont let this happen to you, and put no stock into the fact you can use paypal or any of the other icons on their website that cause you to feel they are trustworthy. BTW they are in Ky and the home base is in England.

    Do you research, I should have.

    1. After many emails they did send me an address. I returned the items in December after having to send them a photo of the box. Now they want the tracking number to verify they have it. I don’t expect a refund but I am not giving up

      1. I’ve spent nearly a year on trying to get a refund for the device I did send back. This is totally the dirty way they do business…I hope you still had your tracking number; I inadvertently lost my USPS receipt when cleaning my desk months after I’d sent it back. today my credit union said they’ve had no luck at all, this company will not work with them, lied and said I’d never returned it and still have it. Gee, ya think there’s a pattern here??? I did file complaints with FTC and BBB (though I know the BBB can’t enforce anything, at least they can warn people who may check with BBB before purchasing it.)

  12. i ordered and returned 2 zenboosters in the package they came in -they were not stronger than the ones i have, i did not have to open the boxes. i got them 2/1/21 i returned them 2/3/21 the slip in package said return with 5 days i emailed the contact which did not respond so i mailed them from PacMail to the address on package.i paid with my paypal account. after paypal contacted them they emailed me we had several back and forths THEY COULD NOT FIND MY RETURN SO NO REFUND. I want you to know there is no 30 day return with china companies.i canceled my paypal account as they have helped in the past, but not with this.
    i will never order from china again so i don’t need it.
    thanks for letting me ramble.

    1. Yep! That is what they do when someone returns them. Just scan these comments and see how often that happens, not to mention all the folks who just gave up and don’t even post comments!

    1. I found the company is in neither: it appears that they have sellers under various names in multiple locations. Try China. And no, I’m not biased against off-shore businesses, only those that function as these ZenBooster scammers. Their advertising info displays a supposed manufacturing facility that if you notice, all workers appear to be Caucasian…read ‘American’ or ‘British’ in the mind of the viewer. Not.

  13. None of these products will work because the problem is not on your end, it’s their end cutting the speed.

  14. Update about my loooong-running dispute with this company. Today my credit union contacted me to let me know that the company is not willing to work with them at all, saying that I never returned the item and that I still have it. I did return it, very carefully packaged and even the postmaster remembers me and him having a discussion about the reason I was sending it back. My gut feeling is that they simply mailed it to some other sucker as a new item as it was in perfect condition and so was all the original packaging. Their business practices are dirty. So I’m just out the money for the original purchase and for returning it. I’ve noticed that Amazon.com does not print negative comments about sellers, so even if you did purchase it from there, ‘good luck.’ I bought it directly from a TV ad. Lesson learned. Shifty scammers, off-shore with a USA address. We have purchased a far more expensive ‘array’ type range booster that does what it says it will…and I could never recommend one of the many types offered that are so similar to this one…it appears that the same manufacturer sells them under various product names.

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