Is Stacees A Reliable Website To Shop From? Why I Regret Shopping From

Lots of people are curious to find out if Stacees is a legit website to shop dresses from. The rate of unreliable and scam websites have been on the increase since 2023.

The question on the minds of our readers remain is a legit website? Where does Stacees ship from? Can you return on stacees and many more. In short, Stacees is an unreliable website, I personally decided to shop from this website to see for myself what this rave is all about. This review will answer all the questions you may have.

Is A Reliable Online Store?

STACEES ( is an online store that sells lots of clothes and accessories for all kinds of events and situations. They sell all sorts of fancy dresses online, like wedding dresses, prom dresses, special occasion dresses, dresses for moms, bridesmaid dresses, and even stuff for wedding parties.

At first glance, it seems like is a UK-based company, given their website address. However, they are actually located in China and ship their products from there. This website is unreliable and lots of customers including me who bought dresses from there were disappointed.

My Shopping Experience

I ordered a regular-sized dress, expecting to be able to return it if needed. But when it arrived with a custom tag and didn’t fit right, they said I couldn’t send it back because they made it to fit my measurements. I’ve been trying to reach them for a week now, but they’re not responding.

Now, they want me to pay another $70 for a second dress, which I can’t return either. They offered to give me back only 70% of the £280 I paid, which wasn’t clear in their policy. Dealing with them has been frustrating—I just want to return the dress and get my money back.

Pros: The Interesting Facts About

  1. Offer a variety of cloths
  2. Ships worldwide

Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. The store is located in China
  2. There are lots of customer complaints
  3. What you get most times is different from what you order
  4. Terrible customer service
  5. They do not offer refunds

Customer Complaints And Feedback

Most customers who bought dresses from do not like how the entire purchase process went. I found customer complaints on popular review websites like Reddit and Trustpilot

I ordered a dress for my daughter, it arrived, however i ordered the wrong colour, my mistake, I contacted Stacees, my daughter did not even try on the dress and they refused my request to return it or change it for adifferent colour, Worst customer servce ever and a rubbish returns policy. Only buy from here is you can guarentee the sizing and the colour, which is almost impossible. Shambles of a company. Also the dress was of average quality, nothing like advertised

Do not buy from them! They promised that I could return the dress but then they said they could not refund all of the money.. They said it was too difficult to return it, they wanted entry fees, etc. I went back and forth with MANY emails and calls. Eventually I ended up only getting back $80 from a $160 dress. It was ridiculous! Do NOT buy from them

Is Legit

I wouldn’t call them an outright scam because lots of people actually receive their orders. However I would not trust most customer reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber as they appear to be fake compared to other review websites like Reddit and

Is the Same As

They are similar. and are the same website and has its origin from China. They both sell same knockoff products and drop shipped dresses from other websites.

Five Reasons Why You Might Want to Avoid Shopping From

  1. The dresses don’t look anything like the pictures—they’re cheap and embarrassing.
  2. Customer service is rude and won’t give refunds or accept returns.
  3. Shipping is unreliable and expensive, and they won’t give you a refund even if you’re unhappy with the product.
  4. The fabric of the dresses is terrible—cheap and tacky.
  5. They don’t respond promptly to customer service inquiries and make it difficult to return items or get a refund.

Would I Buy From Again

No, if you need a refund for any reason you won’t get it. They say they accept returns but do not. I ordered a regular sized dress because they said it would be returnable. They sent an email asking for my measurements, which I didn’t question, but should have. The dress arrived with a custom tag on it and when I tried to return it, not only are they impossible to get in touch with, they just keep saying well, we made it according to your measurements so it is not returnable. I’ve been fighting with them for a week and now they think theyre doing me a favor by asking for another $70, the first dress was over $200, for a second dress that I won’t be able to return.

What Does Their Return Policy Look Like

If you’re not satisfied with what you bought, You’ve got 14 days from when you got your stuff to send it back. Of course they don’t issue refunds from my experience and lots of customer experiences. If you have issues, contact them via [email protected].

Final Words

Do not buy from, They show you one thing in the pictures, but what you actually get is totally different! And then when you try to get your money back, they flat out refuse.

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