Wright & Filippis Data Breach Settlement: See If You Are Eligible

Have you heard about Wright & Filippis Data Breach Settlement? It’s not a scam.

Wright & Filippis agreed to pay $2.9 million to settle claims that it didn’t properly protect customers’ information after a data breach in 2022.

What Is The Wright & Filippis Data Breach Settlement All About

Back in January 2022, there was this data breach, and all sorts of personal stuff got exposed—names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, health insurance info, you name it. The people bringing the lawsuit argue that if Wright & Filippis had just beefed up their security a bit, they could’ve totally prevented the cyberattack.

Am I Eligible

The settlement helps out people who got a letter saying their info might’ve been messed with during that short window between Jan. 26 and Jan. 28, 2022.

How Much Is The Settlement

Filippis hasn’t said they did anything wrong, but they’re paying up $2.9 million to settle the lawsuit about the data breach. If you’re part of the group, you could get up to $5,000 to cover things like bank fees, professional costs, credit expenses, and other money you spent because of the breach.

Options for Class Members in the Data Breach Settlement:

If you’re part of the group, you’ve got some choices to make:

  1. Cash Payment: If you don’t have receipts for expenses, you can get a cash payment.
  2. Credit Monitoring and Insurance: Instead of money, you can opt to get three years of credit monitoring and insurance services. This helps keep an eye on your credit and protects you in case of identity theft.

How Do I Fill Out a Claim Form

If you are eligible, fill out a valid claim form before the deadline on May 8, 2024.

Click here to fill out a form.


In re: Wright & Filippis, LLC Data Security Breach Litigation, Case No. 2:22-cv-12908-SFC-EAS is not a scam. Just like Sovos Compliance Data Breach Settlement, You’ve got until April 8, 2024, to say if you want to opt out.

The big decision day to give the final okay for the settlement is set for May 30, 2024.

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