I Tried Miracle Moo: Here’s my Honest Review of this Bovine Colostrum

Miracle moo is currently trending as a whole food supplement on TikTok. People have been using colostrum for ages to address various health problems, particularly those affecting the stomach and intestines. But with different products out there getting supplement can be quite difficult.

Can this supplement improve digestion, gut health and other important benefits promised on the official miracle moo website? This review will answer these questions.

Miracle Moo Bovine Colostrum is a health supplement made from the first milk that cows produce after giving birth. It’s believed to help improve digestion, boost the body’s defenses and enhance beauty, promote hair growth.

Trying Miracle Moo Bovine Colostrum For The First Time

I have some mixed feelings about this product. The first time I ordered it, it came in a super tiny container, but the second time it came in a larger one. It’s a bit confusing.

Overall, I think this product is great. It arrived quickly, and I’ve noticed some positive changes since I started using it. It’s important to follow the directions though, as it comes in two serving sizes and shouldn’t be mixed with hot drinks. I’ve found that mixing it with cold water works perfectly fine for me. It’s helped with my gut health, reduced bloating, and even improved my regularity. The only thing I’m not too happy about is that it seems like they’ve reduced the amount in each container or per scoop, which is a bit disappointing.


  1. The colostrum powder is really strong, with 30% IgG content and ImmunoLin IgGs.
  2. It contains ImmunoLin, which is the only colostrum with ImmunoLin, making it even better for your immune system.
  3. The product is backed by science, so you know it works well.


  1. It’s a bit expensive.
  2. The taste isn’t great. it’s kind of bland, so not everyone will like it.
  3. If you’re lactose intolerant, this might not be the best option for you.

Does Miracle Moo Work?

Yes it works. I do think it’s a decent product. I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my nail growth. I feel like they grow twice as fast when I use this. Haven’t noticed a big difference with my skin or with gut health but maybe I just need to continue using it for a longer time to see a difference with that. I personally think it does have a slight taste of vanilla but that could just be me. 

Meanwhile, there are positive reviews left by many customers on Amazon and Reddit. Some of them include:

There really is no flavor to this at all so you can add it to any drink! I love how easy it is. I already feel a big difference in how I digest food and how I feel on a day to day basis. I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for something good for your gut!

What i didn’t like is that for the cost of it and it says 30 serving but I notice it didn’t get what it says on container. Also the container is not even full . Not even half full . I would like to purchase again but not sure because of the cost and you don’t get what is says .

Is Miracle Moo Worth Considering for Better Health?

From my experience miracle moo colostrum seems like a promising option to improve health. It’s shown to be effective in helping with conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and infectious diarrhea. Plus, it’s considered safe to use daily as a nutritional supplement, without any major side effects reported.

In short, this colostrum could be beneficial for both sick and healthy individuals. But it’s a good idea to chat with a doctor before adding it to your routine, especially if you have any existing health issues.

Does Colostrum Aid Weight Loss

Some people on Reddit suggest this product might help with weight loss, but there’s no scientific proof to back that up. Also, a few customers reported allergic reactions to this supplement, so it’s smart to check with your doctor before giving it a try

Where To Buy

You can buy miracle moo from their official website miraclemoo.com, it’s also available on Amazon, Walmart, target. The price is currently $59.99 on Amazon.

Here’s how to use Miracle Moo:

  1. Simply scoop a serving of MiracleMoo.
  2. Mix it into water, smoothies, or your favorite recipes.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of colostrum as part of your daily routine.

Would I Buy Again?

I have some concerns about it. One problem is that it’s supposed to have 30 servings, but when I checked, it didn’t match up. Also, the container wasn’t even halfway full, which was disappointing. It makes me hesitant to buy it again, especially considering the price and the fact that you don’t get what you’re promised.

Amira Vs Miracle Moo

I’ve tried both ARMRA Colostrum and Miracle Moo and they’ve both been beneficial for my health. ARMRA comes in convenient packets that I mix with water or my drink, while Miracle Moo doesn’t specify dosage. ARMRA gets its colostrum from grass-fed cows in the USA, but I’m not sure about Miracle Moo’s source.

Both supplements are suitable for keto, gluten-free, and fat-free diets, which works for me. ARMRA offers different flavors, while Miracle Moo has one. ARMRA says not to mix with hot drinks, but Miracle Moo doesn’t mention this.

Overall, both are good supplements, but ARMRA provides more details on usage and sourcing. Miracle Moo focuses more on specific benefits like gut health and hair growth, which I’ve experienced.

Final Words

Miracle moo has been a positive addition to my routine. It’s easy to use and has shown noticeable improvements in my gut health and overall well-being. However there is not enough studies to prove that colostrum supplements can help one lose weight.

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