Shegaga Clothing Store Reviews: Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This is an online store that sells lots of women clothing like women’s dresses, tops, and pants. But when you take a closer look, there are some things that make people wonder if this online store can be trusted.

What Is The Quality Of Shegaga Clothing Brand

The clothes does not have much quality, we found a customer review on Quora who ordered three dresses for an upcoming wedding and found that the items received did not match the pictures. The company’s response was to offer only half of the purchase price as a refund. This means that Shegaga might not be as trustworthy as they claim.

Is The Shegaga Clothing Store Legit Or Scam: Reviews

When you check out Shegaga Dresses, there are some things that make you wonder if it’s a trustworthy place to shop. First off, they don’t give you a company address or phone number on their site, which legit companies usually do. And the email they use [email protected] doesn’t match their website name.

The website has a trust score of 60% and we didn’t see any customer reviews on Trustpilot. However we found a customer report on Quora that said “Not 1 of the dresses were made as they looked in the pic. Cheap, cheap, and CHEAP! I contacted them for a refund even told them I would return the junk they sent me. Their reply was we will give you back half the purchase price and that it would be costly to return them.“ This is another reason why should this clothing store remains questionable.

Should You Trust Shegaga?

No, We found out that the pictures of the products on their website aren’t original. They copied them from other sites or are just selling stuff that isn’t theirs. Also, many things on their website, like the overall look, match with other sketchy sites.

Refunds And Return Policy

The website offers partial refunds. The Returns Policy on the website is pretty unrealistic and confusing for returning or exchanging items. Getting a full payment back from such sites is nearly impossible because of these confusing rules.

Customer Service

The only form of contact t provide is an email address [email protected].

What To Do Before Buying From

Before buying from Shegaga, make sure to do your research, read what other customers are saying, and be careful about discounts and return rules. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before making a purchase.


  1. Shegaga has many clothes like dresses, tops, and pants for different styles.
  2. You can stay stylish without spending too much.
  3. Shegaga’s website is easy to use.


  1. They don’t share where they’re based or contact info.
  2. Some pictures on Shegaga are not original.
  3. Returning stuff is tough because their return policy is complicated.
  4. The customer service is not great.


Be cautious about big discounts advertised on the as they might be misleading. Such offers are often linked to scam websites. Shoppers should be careful when they come across deals that seem too good to be true.

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