Is Incerunmen a Scam Men’s Clothing Store? Review

Incerunmen sells lots of creative unique men’s wear which can be worn to concerts, festivals, etc. However, looking at the whole discount being offered, could it be a scam? Would buyers get the exact quality? We will be writing a concise review about the store.

We’ll also share some Incerunmen reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of this clothing store. 

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Is Incerunmen Clothing Right For You?

Before we get into the details, here’s the TL;DR if you just want to know whether or not  Incerunmen is right for you.

  • Quality? Mid to Poor
  • Manufactured? China
  • Return Policy? Yes
  • Shipping? Three Weeks Plus
  • Customer Support? Yes

Where is Incerumen Located?

Incerumen is located in HongKong China. That’s where the clothes are made and shipped from. The contact address is ‘Room 38, 11/F, Meeco Industrial Building, 53-55 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

What’s The Quality of Incerunmen Clothing?

The quality is between Mid and Poor. However, this is what buyers should expect from massively discounted clothing stores. They’re all fast fashion; made with cheap materials in an offshore warehouse. This means the durability of the clothes are questionable.

Does Sell Original Men Clothing?

Sadly, not. They make imitations of clothes displayed on reputable fashion stores & magazines, then sell them for cheaper prices. Here’s an account of one of the models displayed on the site;

I found myself on one of their pictures with my own clothes from a small and private company from Tulum… Incerunmen is definately a scam!!! Whatever they can deliver it is NOT the same garment.

Refunds & Returns

Incerunmen offers a 30 Days After-sales policy If the product received has serious quality problems, chromatic aberration, size mismatch, etc. However, in most cases they’d offer a refund amount of just 15% and tell customers to keep the product.

Customer Support

The store can be reached through mail ‘ [email protected]‘ or the store’s contact us page.

Is Incerunmen Legit? Reviews

There aren’t very many Incerunmen reviews on the brand’s website, so we went over to to see how customers rated this store. 

Unfortunately, this clothing store is very poorly rated, with the Incerunmen reviews averaging to only 1.9 out of 5 stars after more than 46 customer reviews. 

The negative Incerunmen reviews are from customers who believe this clothing store is a scam because it delivered a different quality from what is displayed on the website.

For example, one review says, “ I did receive my sweater, but the fabrics are two different colors of white. The base layer is very yellowish-white compared to yarn frills at the outseams. Not at all like it was portrayed. And the fabric quality does not make up for it either. It is quite poor and uncomfortable.”

A similar Incerunmen review says, “All 5 items arrived in decent timeframe but very poor quality. Bad fabric and terrible cuts. Also sizing varied wildly considering I ordered M for everything. Definitely not worth the money I paid. Avoid”

Our Verdict

Incerunmen located at is a fast fashion boutique that makes cheap imitation of quality men’s clothes and sell for discounted prices. We do not recommend shopping from this store as there are complaints about poor quality, no delivery, no refunds, etc from customers.


  • Creative designs
  • Affordable prices


  • Poor quality
  • No refunds
  • Delayed shipping

What Are Some Alternatives To Incerunmen?

You can try ESCollection or Addicted, they are good quality European brands made in Barcelona/Spain. Most of that IG /Alixexpress Poor quality stuff is inspired by their designs.

When you see an online store saying it takes 2-8 weeks for delivery, it’s likely a dropshipper. They’re buying stuff from Ali Express and marking up the prices. You can avoid the markup by getting your own Ali Express account for free.

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