I Bought The Viral Shecurve Bra: Here’s What Happened

Shecurve.com is an unreliable website that sells shecurve bra. The actual product is not the same as what they promote. When I ordered, I noticed that the materials of the bra were very substandard and cheap. I put one on and immediately was disappointed that the coverage was nothing near what was advertised.

Personally, it’s been so long I’m embarrassed to even admit how old my bras are (the overstretched bands probably give it away. My friend Sarah suggested this bra which was one of the reasons I gave it a trial, but after my experience, I won’t be buying again, here’s why.

Shecurve Bra
Shecurve Bra

A Quick Look At Shecurve.com

Shecurve.com claims to sell high quality bras, shape wears, bodysuits, jeans etc for women. The prices of their products range from $19 to $36 dollar depending on the number and type of clothing you buy from them

My Experience With Shecurve Bra

I ordered this item on March 3rd and received an email the next day saying it was on its way with a tracking link. But when I tried tracking it, there was no information for almost two weeks. When I finally checked again, the tracking was in Chinese, making it hard to understand. It finally arrived on March 25th, but it wasn’t what I expected. The size was off, the straps were uncomfortable, and the underwire was poking me.

I wanted to return it, but I couldn’t find clear instructions online. I might have to call to figure it out, but for now, I’m too exhausted to deal with it. The tracking did eventually switch to English around March 20th, so that might help others waiting for their orders.

What I Don’t Like

The fabric is flimsy and it runs very, very small. It is at least 3 sizes too small in the cup size. The fabric in the band bends and sags. Also, it’s extremely uncomfortable and poorly made hooks easily bend and pop apart the straps extremely week and thin and to top it off one cup is smaller than the other ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

What Customers Have To Say About The Shecurve Bra

I ordered something at the beginning of April, and when it was clear shipping was going to take a long time, requested to cancel my order and receive a refund. I had to send three separate emails and ask PayPal to step in before the seller would agree to cancel it. Even then, they argued about the cancellation and demanded to know why I was canceling and requested that I give them more time. The company may not be a scam (I’m honestly not sure), but their customer service is horrendous. Good luck canceling if you need to.

I ordered mine the end of February and didn’t see get it delivered till almost end of march. It sadly was a size off but seemed okay for everything else.

I could not even keep this on for an hour! It was the most uncomfortable bra I have ever worn. Also there are a TON of hooks making it an aerobic workout just to get the thing on!

Is Shecurve.com A Scam

No, it’s not an outright scam. I found out that they were falsely advertised as no wire but they do in fact have a wire. I contacted the company and they said because it’s in Hong Kong they could give half a refund which I have not received.

Do They Offer Refunds

Not exactly. Shecurve.com is not true to their rerun policies. They offer you a 20% off coupon that can be used on any of their store’s products. In addition, they will process a partial refund for you which is $40, as a gesture of goodwill.

If the item is damaged, you can exchange it. But if it doesn’t fit, especially if you need the largest size, you’re stuck with it.

Would I Buy Again

No, The bra sizes are not true to size nor do they look like what was advertised. This bra caused so much friction through my clothing that it left a bruise on my arm. Also, their customer service is terrible. They won’t replace the item and only offer a 50% refund, blaming it on high shipping costs.

Final Words

Finally, Shecurve bras are not as advertised. They give no support, u flop all over the place, they do not fully cover the back, the straps have no hold and constantly have to be adjusted, I constantly fall out of the bra every time I bend over. The bras do not fit to size as stated. I ordered my bra size and the cups were way too small and the around was like 6 inches too big on the last hooks. What a waste of time and money. I wasted 80$ on something I can’t wear, or now return because I tried to wear one.

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