Does The Highly Rated Zappify Bug Zapper Keep Mosquitoes Away

Zappify Bug Zapper recently gained lots of attention from people worldwide, It seems like a lot of people like it, but does it really work? If you’re tired of flies bothering you while you eat or buzzing around your home, Zappify might be worth trying.

Can UV lights really attract mosquitoes? In this review, I’m going to show you exactly what you get and how it works so you can decide for yourself.

Zappify Bug Zapper
Zappify Bug Zapper

A Brief Look At Zappify Mosquitoe Zapper

The manufacturers Zappify bug zapper claim this mosquitoe zapper makes use of Uv to attract mosquitoes, bugs, flying insects etc. The device comes with a type C USB cord that you can easily plug into a socket. But does it sound too good to be true?

Why I Bought

My battle is against mosquitoes, but according to Zappify, it also works for biting flies, house flies, moths, no-see-ums, June beetles, wasps, yellow jackets, gnats, and biting midges. It should not, however, catch beneficial bugs, like honeybees.

What I Noticed After Buying

I decided to buy this product priced at $39.99 from Amazon and I received it before 7 days. Setting up was easy though I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to turn it on but once I figured it out, the rest was easy.

The zapper caught only a couple of mosquitoes and some bugs the following morning. As for noise, I could barely hear it when I was close by. Sitting about 10 feet away in my hammock, I couldn’t hear a thing. But It didn’t do much, I was really disappointed.

What I Like

  • It is easy to use
  • Has an attractive design
  • Very quiet operation

What I Don’t Really Like

  • If didn’t kill enough bugs
  • Hard to find a good spot to place it
  • Cleaning it out is gross
  • There aren’t enough customer reviews online.

Did it work?

Well I was hoping the Zappify mosquitoes would let me enjoy my backyard without needing bug spray, but it didn’t quite live up to that hope.

I ran the trap for two weeks and went outside multiple times to see how long I could stay without getting bitten. Sadly, I started seeing mosquitoes within five minutes every time.

Should you get the Zappify Bug Zapper and Insect Trap?

Based on my experience, I’d say it doesn’t really do a good job of reducing outdoor bugs. Considering what I paid and the results I got, I wouldn’t recommend it to others. Seeing only a small drop in mosquito bites after a few minutes isn’t enough for me.

I still have to use other methods to stay bug-free, like bug spray clothes, wipes, or sitting in a screened area. I’ve had better luck with those.

What Are Customers Saying

So far customer reviews on Trustpilot about this product are not great. Some people meatuined issues with customer service and the usb cord not working as expected. Some of the reviews include:

I received my product after waiting about 1 week. I’ve tried to charge it for 24 hours but it doesn’t work. I’ve placed the charger on another device and it does work but the device does not.I have sent the customer service 2 email messages but no reply. I am truly disappointed and would like a refund. I know “good luck with that”.

I have been using Zappify every single night for one month in a row, and the device has not lured or killed one single mosquito. At dusk, mozzies start flying undisturbed, free to bite everyone in the house. Do not waste any money on this useless thin

Does UV Light Really Attract Bugs

Yes, The bugs came in their droves, moths, flies, sand flies and mosquitoes. The light attracted a ton of bugs, but the zapper didn’t really do its job well. It seemed like the bugs were actually drawn to the zapping and stuck around for more. We had to turn off the Zappify and head indoors to escape the swarm of bugs. By morning, there were only about 20 dead bugs, even though it had attracted thousands. So, it didn’t really work as we hoped.

Final Words

Zappify Bug Zapper is overhyped, it attracts a lot of bugs with its light, but it doesn’t zap them well. It’s definitely not worth the money. While it did kill some bugs, it attracted thousands more without getting rid of them. So, unless you want to deal with even more bugs at night, I’d say don’t bother buying it.

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