Is The Mozz Guard Mosquito Zapper Worth Buying? Read This

If you’re the type of person that seems to attract mosquitoes, then you probably would do anything to avoid them. I had been seeing lots of ads for mosquito fighting devices like Mozz Guard but many of them didn’t live up to the hype.

Mozz Guard claims to put an end to insect bites. It’s no-spray, scent-free, and promises 100% satisfaction. So I put it to the test.

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Mozz Guard review: quick summary

Mozz Guard is a rechargeable mosquito repellent device that also kills bugs and ticks. The manufacturers claims it can attract mosquitoes or any kind of insect. The device comes with a type C USB cord that you can easily plug into a socket.

Usually, I have a hard time with insect bites. Whether I’m chilling on a terrace, lounging on a beach, or camping in a bug-infested forest, once evening comes, I become a buffet for bugs.

I’ve tested all kinds of sprays. Some work okay, but honestly, I hate slathering my skin in chemicals. And don’t get me started on the time a STEM spray, ruined one of my favorite dresses with a nasty stain.

Testing For The First Time

In my backyard, there’s an empty lot that’s like a mosquito hangout. If I step outside for even a minute without repellent, I’m a buffet for those bloodsuckers, especially when I’m grilling. So, I got this product from Mozz and tried it out.

Even though I find the Mossguard device to be really impressive because they attract all the bugs and few mosquitoes but that’s simply all it does, especially when it’s not too bright. I leave one on all night, and I still get eaten by mosquitoes.

The Moss Guard device is super easy to use, and you can charge it with a USB. It’s small and light, so it fits in anywhere. I think it’s definitely worth getting one that’s if you want a bright light round your home at night .

Reasons To Buy

  1. It’s easy to use 
  2. Attracts mosquitoes

Reasons Not To Buy

  1. Does not kill mosquitoes
  2. It only lasts for about 90 minutes

How To Use

  1. Charge the zappers fully.
  2. Place them in areas where mosquitoes are present.
  3. Turn them on and let them do their job.

Does Mozz Guard Work

No it does not work. Within few hours of use, it was not able to kill mosquitoes. However the LED light works to attract the mosquitoes to lamp but that’s simply all it does.


Currently Mozz Guard is not available on Amazon but you can find it in third party websites. The price for one is $35.95.

Why Do People Feel It’s Not Legit

Mozz guard appears to play games with their satisfaction guaranteed policy. Online, A customer ordered from Ozzi Home, thinking it would do the trick. They promised a refund if he wasn’t happy, But when I tried to return it because it didn’t work, they kept offering partial refunds instead of giving the money back like they said they would.

What’s The Best Way To Use

When using Mozz Guard mosquito zapper, it’s usually best to reapply it after a certain point within a 24-hour period. As for the smell, yes, it does have one. That’s because it’s made of plant-based essential oils. If you’re looking for something odorless, you probably won’t find it in a plant-based oil. Make sure you shake the bottle immediately before using, and to reapply every 3 hours.

Texture and Stickiness:

Is it sticky? Well, yes, a little bit. But again, that’s because it’s an oil-based product. The stickiness actually helps it stay put, especially if you’re sweating or outdoors.

Reviews From Customers Who Tried It

Most of the reviews are on Amazon and Trustpilot and on Reddit you will find conversations about the best mosquito repellent in the market. The reviews online include:

This seems to work very well here at our farm in New Hampshire where we put up with all kinds of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas etc,

I spray this on the 14 month old, she loves the outdoors(wagon rides) breeze in her face and this product DOES protect her from mosquitoes – they were eating her up before this arrived! Thank you

Dynatrap Vs Thermacell

I’ve tried both Thermacell and Dynatrap to deal with mosquitoes. In my experience, Thermacell works better at keeping mosquitoes away. Dynatrap catches more other bugs than mosquitoes.

Dynatrap doesn’t repel mosquitoes like Thermacell does. Instead, it lures them in and kills them. This can be okay if it works well, but I didn’t find it very effective.

Final Verdict

The Mozz Guard claims to work by keeping mosquitoes away but when I used it , it didn’t work. The only thing it does is to attract bugs and mosquitoes especially when it’s not too bright outside. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and it’s easy to charge with a USB.

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