I Bought Rosyday co uk Clothing: Here’s my honest review, pros & cons (2024)

Rosyday is an online clothing store that sells a wide variety of beautiful female clothes for discount prices. Though I saw a handful of negative reviews on Trustpilot, I wanted to experience what it feels to shop from the clothing store.

Here’s my honest review of rosyday.co.uk.

My Experience With ordering clothes from Rosyday.co.uk Clothing

The videos on Facebook looked so tempting and cool and that was how I got robbed in.

I Ordered a £168 worth of dress I saw on Facebook and it looked stunning. When it came it looked a size 4 instead of a 10 and felt that way when I tried it on. Material was very fine and cheap. Asked for returns label to be told I cld either pay for returns or get 50% refund.

I have been trying to contact them for a month to arrange a return of £168 worth of clothes. After being ignored I finally receive an email saying that it will cost me too much to pay the return cost and I have to keep the products. So I’m basically being forced to keep £85 worth of clothes none of which fit. Surely this is against our consumer rights. They have said it’s in their policy but I have read their returns policy and it does not state this.

Is Rosyday a Scam?

It’s not an outright scam perse, however the description of clothing they sell does not match with what you get. They also steal images from legit designers like Joyce Young claiming it is theirs. I came across images like this online and the heads of the models have been cropped out.

Bottom Line

Stay away from Rosyday.co.Uk, I got fooled into thinking this was a UK company with a good return policy but turns out it’s not. The quality of their clothes are sub standard, doesn’t fit despite using the size chart and does not look like the pictures online.I was told to return the item to China even though it was delivered from an address in the UK.

I’ve come across similar fraudulent web sites like this before just like Onlymillers.com and Restvivid.com.

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