Why Customers Regret Buying The Inspire Sleep Apena Device

If you have sleep apnea, you’ve probably heard of CPAP machines. But there’s another device called Inspire that treats sleep apnea in a different way. Does it work?

A lot of questions on google about this device caught our attention and we decided to find out if this device really lives up to the claims made on the official inspiresleep.com website. Here’s all you need to know.


What Is The Inspire Implant Device

The Inspire device is a different way to treat sleep apnea without needing a CPAP machine. It helps keep your airway open while you sleep, which could lead to better rest.

To get started on their website, there’s a quiz to see if you can use the sleep apnea device. Just click the “Do I Qualify” button at the top of their website. Then, answer the questions they ask you.

Why People Love Inspire

  1. It helps with sleep apnea by reducing problems like waking up at night and snoring.
  2. You don’t need to use a CPAP machine and mask anymore.
  3. You can control it with a remote, making it easy to turn on and off and adjust the settings.

How Inspire Sleep Apnea Device Works

Doctors surgically put the Inspire device under your skin to help keep your airways open while you sleep. You can control it with a small remote, which makes it easy to use whenever and wherever you need it.

After Surgery: What Can Happen

After your operation, you might see some little problems like swelling, feel pain, or get an infection where the doctor cut you. If you hurt or get an infection, your doctor might give you medicine to help. Sometimes, your tongue might feel a bit weak, but it usually gets better soon.

Does Inspire Sleep Apnea Device Work

Yes, but like many sleep apnea devices out there people have different thoughts about this device. Some really get annoyed because it messes with their sleep. They can only sleep a little before they wake up, and the device is loud and uncomfortable. But then there are others who find it easier.

What Experts Say About Inspire

We reached out experts during our research just to get their opinion about this device. One of the doctors suggest trying simpler treatments first, like losing weight or changing sleeping positions, before considering Inspire for sleep apnea. From this it appears Inspire is seen as a backup option if CPAP therapy doesn’t work out.

How Much Does It Cost

If you are considering the Inspire sleep apnea device, it will cost you between $30,000 and $40,000 if you don’t have insurance. This covers both the device itself and the surgery to implant it.

Do Customers Regret Buying

Not exactly, so far the reviews online are mixed and we have taken our time to list some of them here. Most customers online were disappointed because the device didn’t work out as planned and caused lots of pain. These reviews are gotten from Reddit, Quora and popular review websites.

I have had a UPPP, Tonsillectomy, Adenoid removal, MMA surgery, two septoplasties, turbinate reductions and finally the inspire implant. I am still very much struggling but the only thing that seemed like it ever did anything for my sleep apnea is the inspire implant. I have a very narrow air way, even after double jaw surgery so I still have significant sleep apnea with it, but I feel like if I titrate it long enough I may get some great results.

I am an odd case where I struggled with Inspire for almost 2 full years before the settings got figured out. I went through 2 sleep doctors, 4 inspire reps, 2 at home sleep studies, and 2 in lab sleep studies. I chalk my struggle up to the constant change of personnel. But after a long overdue awake endoscopy I am finally at a point where I am super happy with it and am sleeping better than ever.

Who Is It Best Suited For

Like CPAP machines and other medical devices, Inspire isn’t for everyone. If you want to use this device, you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, have tried using a CPAP machine without success, have a BMI below 35, Be at least 18 years old.

Inspire Sleep Device And CPAP: Which Is Better for Me

From my research it appears Inspire isn’t necessarily better or worse than CPAP. It’s just another option for treating sleep apnea. Some people might go for CPAP machines if they can’t get Inspire or if they’d rather avoid surgery. However if inspire doesn’t work for you, you will need to try other alternatives.

What Is The Inspire Lawsuit About

Saxena White PA is sued Inspire Medical Systems Inc and some executives in 2022. They said Inspire lied to investors about a program called the Acceleration Program. This program was supposed to help customers schedule doctor appointments online easily. But when Inspire’s earnings disappointed and they admitted problems with the program, their stock dropped by 20%.


  • Many people feel better after getting the Inspire implant.
  • The device can help stop or reduce sleep apnea, giving better sleep.
  • People who don’t like using a CPAP machine are happy they don’t need it with Inspire.
  • The device can be adjusted to fit your needs.


  • The surgery has some risks, and it might hurt a bit while you heal.
  • Getting the Inspire implant can be expensive, and not everyone’s insurance covers it.
  • Some people still have sleep problems even with the Inspire device

Can I Trust This Device On The Long Run

For people with moderate sleep apnea, the Inspire device can be a big help. If someone has struggled with CPAP despite trying different masks and pressures, then Inspire might be an option. But getting the Inspire device implanted involves surgery, which can cause some pain and soreness for a few days afterward. If you need pain meds after getting the Inspire device, it’s usually just over-the-counter stuff. But check it won’t mess with other meds you take.

FAQs about Inspire Sleep Apnea Device

  1. Is Inspire legit?
    • Yes, it was actually approved by the FDA in 2014.
  2. What are the downsides of Inspire for sleep apnea?
    • Inspire is not a quick fix for sleep apnea that is why people need to try other treatments first, and even after surgery.
  3. Where is Inspire implanted?
    • Inspire is implanted beneath the collarbone.
  4. Can I travel with the device?
    • Yes, you can travel with the Inspire device. It’s safe to go through airport security, but it might set off the metal detector.

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