I Tried Hum Nutrition For A Month: Here’s My Honest Review

If you’re thinking about trying new vitamins, it can be hard to know where to begin. Whether you want to help your eyes or sleep better or simply improve your skin. I came across the viral HUM Supplement on the internet.

My unpaid review of HUM Nutrition will talk about this product works, what the brand claims to help with and the quality of its ingredients. I also asked registered dietitians about the accuracy of HUM’s quiz results amongst other things. Keep reading.

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Hum Nutrition At A Glance

HUM Nutrition is a vitamin delivery service that sends out personalized supplement plans straight to your doorstep. The brand was founded by Walter Faulstroh and the brand has more than 40 supplements that focus on different needs, like sleep, skincare, and aging. There most popular products include, Gut instinct, Immune boost gummies, Omega the great, Beauty ZZZZ gummies, Flatter me, Private party.

How It Works

If you are considering HUM, you just have to take a short quiz online. After that, they’ll suggest three products that match your goals. Every month, they’ll send you a 30-day supply of your chosen vitamins. And you’ll have the support of one of HUM’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Trying HUM Daily Cleanse

I tried HUM Daily Cleanse that claims it improves overall skin health.

I got a bundle of three, but after a couple of weeks, I realized it didn’t have enough vitamins for me. So, I tried to cancel my subscription through email. They said okay, but then they delayed it a bit and told me I’d have to pay $17.95 extra if I canceled without buying two more subscriptions.

To my surprise, I got the same order again a month later. Turns out, if you buy anything from their website, they automatically sign you up for monthly delivery. I was shocked! When I tried to cancel again, they said they had to charge me $20 extra. I paid it and asked them to delete my account.

Quality Of Ingredients

The HUM Daily cleanse which I bought has the following ingredients inside:

  • Green Algae helps clean your body by getting rid of impurities through digestion.
  • Herbal blends help your body naturally filter out toxins.
  • Antioxidants and important minerals make your skin clearer.
  • The product contains selenium, so be careful not to take too much. The recommended limit is 400 micrograms (mcg), and HUM Daily Cleanse has 200 mcg.

The Good Part

  • Everything they sell is gluten-free, non-GMO, and most are okay for vegans.
  • Some of their stuff has been tested in real studies and did well.
  • You can talk to experts if you have questions.
  • You get good discounts if you sign up for regular deliveries, and you can even use more than one discount.

Not-so-good stuff

  • Some of their products don’t have as much of the good ingredients as they should.
  • Some of the stuff they use hasn’t been studied enough to know if it really works.
  • You can’t just buy one thing from their website; you have to sign up for regular deliveries.
  • If you want to stop getting stuff from them, you have to email or call them, which can be a pain.

Does HUM Nutrition Work?

Yes but it’s not exactly safe. This product is not approved by the FDA but that does not mean it doesn’t work. There are reports online from people who have tried it who confirm that it works but not without side effects like bloating and nausea.

Why I Won’t Consider It On The Long Run

There are reasons why I won’t consider this supplement on the long run. If you check Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau like I did, you’ll see what I found out the hard way about HUM company. They’re sneaky and predatory. When you buy something from them, they trick you into a subscription without you knowing. They don’t allow returns on opened items for a refund, only store credit. I’m not sure if all their products are any good, but if a company has to do shady stuff like this to make money, it makes me doubt their product’s quality.

What Are Customers Saying

Customer reports on Amazon and Reddit are pretty positive about this product. So I headed over to Trustpilot and Doug out the product is currently rated 1.4 from 47 customer reviews.

This helps with my energy levels and also my mood. It’s so worth it for me. My body does t absorb D well but it does this one. This was my second time buying. I buy from Amazon so I don’t have to subscribe on the Hum site

The bottle was literally almost empty and felt empty when I opened it and counted there was less then 20 pills, I don’t know if the bottle I received was a return bottle or what but it was sealed so

I hate that they do not send an email out before shipping. I was out of the country and forgot to cancel my shipment as I was no longer using their supplements. I only knew about the order when it had already arrived at my door. I had to ship it back to cali from NY, the cheapest shipping option was $15!

Would I Use HUM Nutrition again?

Yes and No. First of all I don’t hate this nutrition brand but I did find them to be pricey if you use them for a long time. The customer service is unrealizable and does not give answers to queries or appear useful at all. It’s better to look for alternatives like Care of Daily Vitamin for a change.

FAQs about HUM Vitamins

  1. Can I take more than one HUM vitamin at a time?
    • Yes, you can take multiple HUM Nutrition products together.
  2. Is Olly or HUM better?
    • Both Olly and HUM are good brands with safe supplements. Olly has extra certification for quality.
  3. Do HUM vitamins have side effects?
    • Some HUM supplements, like those with iron, might cause constipation or nausea.

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