How to Check If A Product Is Approved By FDA

The FDA makes sure our food, medicine, and medical tools are safe and work as they should. Which products need FDA pre-approval? Is it safe to use something that is not approved by the FDA? This article will cover all of this.

About The FDA

The FDA also called (Food and Drug Administration Agency) is a government agency that checks factories making things like food, medicine, and tobacco. They make sure these products are safe before they’re sold in the U.S. And if something’s not safe, they have the power to take it off the market. The official FDA page is

FDA Approved Products: What It Means

What does it mean when a company claims “FDA Approved” It simply means their products are considered safe after going through lots of testing. Before products hit the market, the FDA checks them to make sure they’re safe and work as they should. But not all products go through this process.

How to Tell If a Product Is FDA-Approved

To check if a product is FDA-approved, look for an FDA approval number or label on its packaging. You can also visit the FDA’s website and search their database for products that have been approved. If the product has passed the review and approval, it should be listed there.

When it comes to drugs, this regulatory body keeps track of all the ones that are approved in something called the Orange Book. It’s like a list of approved drugs and how they stack up against each other.

Understanding Their Regulatory Statuses

Many people get confused by the different terms companies use to show they’re legit. We’re here to make things clearer.

  1. FDA Registered means a company has given basic details to them about their business, like where they’re located and how to reach them. It’s something companies making medical stuff have to do.
  2. FDA Cleared is for medical things that have shown they’re safe and work well through a special process. It’s usually for things like devices that are similar to ones already out there.
  3. FDA Granted is for new medical things that don’t have anything like them available yet. They have to prove they’re safe and worth using to get this special status.
  4. FDA Authorized is for things allowed to be used during a health emergency without full approval. They still need to show they’re safe and work well, but the process is faster because of the emergency.
  5. FDA Approved is the highest level. It’s for things that have gone through a tough process to prove they’re safe and really do what they say. It means they are okay to sell and use them.

How Do I Verify If Products Are FDA Approved

Make sure your FDA registration is correct and up-to-date to avoid problems with shipments or fines. Registrar Corp offers a free service to check if your registration is valid and complies with rules, helping you avoid any issues.

Can Something Be Sold If It’s Not FDA Approved

Yes, products like gummies, Vitamins, minerals, herbs, any non-prescription drugs, such as pain relievers and cold remedies, Sunscreen, Cosmetics and other dietary supplements do not need their approval.

If companies break the rules set by, they will get warning letters, will be asked to pay fines, or even face criminal charges.

How To Verify FDA Certification

  1. Check Your Email: Look for an email from the FDA that has your food facility registration number. Search for an email titled “Initial Facility Assignment Notification.”
  2. Contact: If you can’t find the email or have questions, send an email to the US office at [email protected].


Finally, the FDA’s job is to make sure that drugs, medical devices, food, cosmetics, and other products we use are safe and work the way they’re supposed to.

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