Why We Don’t Recommend Liberty First Lending For Personal Loans

If you get unsolicited mail from Liberty First Lending offering a $45,000 loan at 6.5%, be careful. They’re after your personal info to negotiate your debt and cancel your credit cards. Instead, try negotiating with your credit card companies directly to avoid paying Liberty’s fees.

We investigated Liberty Lending after receiving lots of emails from our readers about their legitimacy. Here’s all we know.

What Is Liberty First Lending

Liberty Lending Group is an online lender that you can only join by invitation. Once you apply, they can approve and send you money in as little as 24 hours.

You might get letters from companies like Liberty First Lending saying you’re pre-approved for a loan. They might even come with a check you can cash right away. But don’t be fooled. Being “pre-approved” doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get the loan. It’s just a way to get your attention.

These loans often have really high interest rates, much higher than other loans you could get. And even though it might seem easy to get quick cash, it can lead to a lot of debt in the long run.

How We Investigated

I got a call from Liberty Lending offering me various loan choices. They then asked for my permission to share my info with other companies who might contact me. However I realized the APR was super high, and even though I was approved, I didn’t want it anymore. They said there’s nothing they could do.

When I headed to Reddit and Trustpilot, I found out that most people aren’t happy with Liberty First Lending. Even though there are some good reviews on Trustpilot, where they got an 82% 5-star rating, most people still aren’t satisfied. It seems like they might have made the reviews look better than they actually are.

People Who Tried Liberty Lending Speak Out

The reviews for Liberty First Lending aren’t good overall. Here are some of the complaints online:

There are better ways to get out off debt than to put yourself in deeper debt and prolong the agony of being under the pressure of others. If this company was really trying to help people why are they charging them obscene fees and interest rates. Liberty Lending is a predatory lender who feeds off of desperate people. Don’t let them sweet talk you into payments for years and years to come. Ask someone in the lending field to analyze their offer before you accept any contract.

THey are Scammer, The provided an agreement but never fulfiled asked for the ist loan payment before the loan was sent and then asked more payment, the loan oficer wasted a whole day, did not refund my money or fukfill the contract he sent.

I was giving a promise note for a 3000 loan and sent them bank statements they ask for the never responded they received them so when I called to c if they did they said I was only qualified for 250.00 dollors what a scam I poor company so please be ware not truthfully or didn’t even keep the promise they sent me

How Do I Apply

To apply for a personal loan, just fill out a form with some basic info like your credit score, income, expenses, employment status, and the amount you want to borrow. After you submit it, you can check out the offers you’re preapproved for and pick the one that suits you best. Then, a loan specialist will get in touch with you to finish up the process.


  1. Easy to Get
  2. They offer debt consolidation
  3. If you urgently need money, pre-approved offers provide fast access to funds.


  1. The loans often come with higher interest rates,
  2. It’s easy to accept the offer without fully thinking about whether it’s the best choice for your finances.
  3. You may in-cure more Debt
  4. Taking out a loan can affect your credit score

Should You Consider Their Services

I don’t recommend it. Though it’s not an outright scam however i was really disappointed with the services I got for their loan application. I realized the APR was super high, and even though I was approved, I didn’t want it anymore. They said there’s nothing they could do, even though they were about to pay off my credit cards with the loan, which they haven’t done yet. I only went for the loan because a debt specialist from National Debt Relief convinced me it was the best option, but most of my credit cards have 0% APR for 18 months, so I had time to pay them off without any interest charges.


Finally, I do not recommend the services of first Lending. Before you consider the services of a loan company, take a step back. Check out other loan options from banks, credit unions, or online lenders. Read all the details carefully before you decide.

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