First Premier Lending Scam: Beware Of Unsolicited Calls Posing As First Premier Lending

Scammers have been calling people from a company called First Premier Lending about a loan application they never made. It’s all a scam. Once you block a number they call from a new one. Victims have recorded up 10 unsolicited calls a day from this scammers.

Here we explain how the scam works, how to avoid it, and what to do if you’re scammed.

Is First Premier Lending A Scam?

First Premier Lending is a legit online company where you can borrow money. They have different types of loans to help you with your money needs. They quickly review and approve loan applications, making it easier and faster for you to get the money you need.

However when you look at the complaints on Reddit, you’ll find out that the company received 20 complaints in the last few weeks about fraud calls targeting their customers.

Why Am I Getting Calls From First Premier Lending

It’s possible that your phone number got into the hands of scammers through online sources or social media. They use it to make spam calls, pretending to be from Premier Lending or similar companies. Also a data breach may have occurred in Premier lending snd they are yet to inform customers of the situation.

First Premier Lending Scam: How It Works

People are getting tricked by scammers who pretend to be from Premier Lending. These scammers are calling from India and use different phone numbers. They’ve also claimed to be other companies like LendBee and Main Street Financial before. It’s not a robocall; real people are talking on the other end, usually a man and a woman, trying to convince you to finalize a loan application.

It’s important you know that Premier Lending, Inc. will never request sensitive personal information or payment over the phone without proper verification procedures in place.

Victims Speak Out

Lots of people are talking about their encounter with these scammers on Reddit on popular social media handles

Getting 10 calls a day from these people. I’m at a loss at how these people even got my information. My “debt” is less than I make on a bi weekly paycheck on a no interest for 24 months credit card I just pay in chunks and then a financed car payment that is like 220 a month. They also mention student loans which I have never had a penny of in my entire life. I started answering and just cursing them out in hopes they’d stop but does not seem to be working.

What Steps Have First Premier Lending Taken Towards This Scam

They are doing everything possible to deal with this and support you through this tough situation. They have reported the issue to the FBI, local authorities, and the Better Business Bureau to try and solve it and catch the people responsible for these annoying robocalls. They’re also asking anyone affected to help by filing a complaint with the FTC and the FCC. Premier lending clearly stated

Premier Lending is aware that consumers are experiencing excessive and fraudulent calls that are being made using our name, Premier Lending Inc. We are taking proactive measures by addressing the issue with the local authorities. If you have been a victim of these fraudulent spam calls, please reach out to[email protected]and submit a case to the FTC using the following link:“.

How To Stop Unsolicited Calls

  1. Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Hang up right away if you do.
  2. “Local” caller IDs can be misleading, so be cautious.
  3. If a caller or recording asks you to press a button to stop calls, just hang up. It’s likely a scam.
  4. Avoid answering questions, especially those that can be answered with “Yes.”
  5. Never give out personal info like account or Social Security numbers over the phone.
  6. If someone claims to be from a company or government agency, hang up and call the official number to verify.
  7. Be wary of high-pressure tactics for immediate information.
  8. Set a password for your voicemail to prevent unauthorized access.
  9. If you use robocall-blocking tech, let them know about unwanted numbers. Register your number on the Do Not Call List to block telemarketing calls.

What To Do If You Fall For This Scam

Inform your bank immediately if you’ve shared sensitive information like your card or bank details with scammers. Report the scam to Action Fraud either online or by calling 0300 123 2040.


The First Premier Lending scam involves scammers making unwanted calls, pretending to be from real lending companies. They pester people with false promises of loans, trying to trick them into giving away personal info or money. These scammers use different phone numbers and may even resort to threats. Don’t fall for it.

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