Beware Of O2 40% Off Scam Vishing Calls: What You Need To Know

The unsolicited calls offering a free upgrade to an expensive handset or a 40% saving off their bill on 02 is a huge scam.

The scammers make use of fake caller ID names to make it look like their calls are coming from real companies. Sometimes, they even use technology to make fake voices sound more real, which can make people feel more comfortable and less suspicious.

This article will reveal important facts about this scam, how you can protect yourself and everything you need to know.

What Is O2 Scam Calls And How Does It Work

Scammers pretends to be from the real O2 telecom company and calls customers with tempting offers, like discounts or upgrades. They pressure you to agree and then send a text with a code to your phone, asking you to read it out. If you do, they can use it to buy a new phone with your money. They’ll send the new phone to your house, but they might steal it before you get it. Or they’ll send someone pretending to be a delivery person to pick it up. Then they’ll ask you to send it somewhere else, because it’s actually a trick to get the phone for themselves.

Here’s why you’re receiving vishing calls from O2

  • Your phone number might have been leaked:
  • Scammers could have found your number online or from social media and they are using it to call spam you.

Who Is Behind These Calls

It’s difficult to know exactly who’s behind the scam calls because they use technology to hide their location.

However, it’s likely that these calls come from scam call centers in places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or other countries.

Is O2 Scam Or Legit

02 is a legit telecom company however, Scammers have been calling O2 customers out of the blue, offering them a 30% discount on their current deal. They tell customers they’ll receive a text message with a one-time passcode later on.

O2 warns that under no circumstances should you read back the code to the caller. The code is triggered by the scammer using O2’s website to pretend to be you, claiming they forgot their login details.

If you give the code to the caller, they can access your account and possibly order a new phone in your name.

What Steps Have O2 Taken Towards This Scam

O2 has taken the scam seriously and has even begun sending a text message out to customers before the passcode arrives. The message reads: “If someone’s calling you and asking for a code, please end the call because they DO NOT work from O2.

Real Victims Speak Out

Victims who have fallen for this scam have shared their experiences online. Some of the testimonials we saw include

They state that the code should not be shared with anyone except the person you are speaking to. Fortunately, O2 advise you not to share the code with anyone at O2.

They did not ask me for any private information, they already had my name, my address, my bank account I use for O2, this bank account actually isnt used for any other company, which tells me O2 have been compromised.

How To Protect Your Personal Details

If you are an O2 customer, follow the steps to protect your personal details from getting into the hands of these scammers

  • Protect Your Personal Details:
    • Verify communications from O2 to avoid fraud.
    • O2 won’t ask for sensitive info like bank details or passwords.
  • Verify Callers and Texts:
    • Be cautious of requests for personal or financial info.
    • Report suspected scam calls or texts to O2.
  • Secure Passwords:
    • Use strong, unique passwords.
    • Consider using one-time passcodes for added security

How Do I Report The O2 Scam

  1. If you think it’s a scam, hang up right away. Then, call O2 back using a number you trust to check if they really tried to contact you.
  2. If you get scam calls on your phone:
    • You have an iPhone, text “call” followed by the scammer’s phone number to 7726.
    • If you have an Android phone, just text “call” to 7726. You’ll get a message asking for the scam number.
  3. If you get scam text messages:
    • Forward the message to 7726.

Doing this helps O2 and the authorities catch scammers and keeps you and others safe from scams.

How To Stop Fake Calls

  1. Start using call-blocking tools like Robokiller, Hiya etc
  2. Call blocking feature from your telecom service provider on your phone.
  3. Do not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers.
  4. Use a call screening service.
  5. Use the DND feature on your smartphone.


Finally, If someone calls you and asks for a code, please hang up because they are NOT from O2. If the scammers get your account access, they will buy a pricey phone in your name and you will get stuck paying for it until you report the fraud, but by then, the scammer might have the phone. It’s important to know that 02 will never call you and ask for things like passcodes, passwords, PINs, or your bank details.

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