Spectrum 50% Off Phishing Calls Is A Huge Scam: Don’t Use Spectrum Before Reading This Post

The Spectrum phishing calls promising a 50% discount on your monthly bill is a scam. This scam that intends to steal your personal and financial information. The message says “Hi there, this is to inform you that Spectrum has applied a 50% discount on your monthly bill. To keep this offer active, please call back at 866-831-2581.” This article will expose how this scam works, signs to watch out for and what you must do if you fall victim.

Exposing The Spectrum 50% Off Scam Calls

Spectrum” is the name you see on TV and internet services, phones, and wireless plans. It’s owned by Charter Communications.

Recently customers have been receiving calls about a discount offer. The Spectrum 50% off scam, starts with a recorded call saying you can get half off your Spectrum bill for a while. They’ll ask you to press a button to talk to someone. But when you do, the scammers will ask for personal info and bank details. They call and offer you a deal but only if you prepay up front for the next year, which surprise…. Is only payable by gift cards or bitcoin but really they’re just trying to steal your money and identity.

Spectrum has issued a warning about scams. They say there’s more fake texts, emails, and calls pretending to be from trusted companies like spectrum.

Why Am I Getting Spectrum Phishing Scam Calls

It seems Spectrum got hacked and lost bunch of customer information, and they are not informing their customers about it.

A customer had a chat session with the Spectrum billing department and this is their response;

We apologize for the confusion this might of caused. Our spectrum agents are working on this due diligently if your account has been compromised we will notify you.

Either they don’t know they got hacked or they are hiding that they got hacked.

Real Customer Reports About The Spectrum Scam

Users on Reddit are currently sharing their thoughts on this on-going scam.

So my boyfriend got the call today, and a text message through the same exact number that spectrum uses to let him know every month that his automated payment goes through. How can they text through spectrums number?! He almost went through with it because that made it seem legit. Thankfully, I got home in time and when he was telling me about it, I asked him to google it just in case, and this thread popped up. What a pain to now have to cancel the credit card. Spectrum told us that they have been dealing with this for a week. We will be canceling.

just got hit up with this one too. They left me a message with a number to call and when I did , it was answering with a spectrum recording and menu just like the real thing so I thought I was on with spectrum. They said 50% off if I paid for a year with a target gift or credit card. Even paid my current bill, and I got a legit email from spectrum showing the bill was paid. Luckily I checked with Target before paying and they said they had no partnership with spectrum. I then called spectrum and they said they were aware of the scam. They confirmed my bill was paid but by a check that bounced. So obviously the scammers has access to my account. I can’t believe spectrum isn’t telling anyone about this.

From the on-going, it’s clear Spectrum have been hacked.

The Spectrum 50% Off Scam Calls: Signs To Watch Out For

Watch out for these signs of scams:

  1. Unexpected messages: Be wary of texts or calls you didn’t ask for, even if they seem to be from a familiar company. Scammers can fake their caller ID to look legit.
  2. Pressure to pay now: Scammers want you to act fast, so they pressure you into paying right away for a deal that sounds too good to be true. Don’t fall for it!
  3. Unprofessional behavior: If someone gets pushy or aggressive when you hesitate, it’s a red flag. Legit companies won’t bully you into making a decision.
  4. Dodgy links or attachments: Don’t click on suspicious links or download attachments from strange texts or emails. They could be trying to infect your device with malware or steal your info.
  5. Requests for gift cards: Scammers love gift cards because they’re hard to trace. Real companies won’t ask you to pay with gift cards from other companies. Be cautious!

What To Do If You Fall Prey To The Spectrum Scam

Here’s what to do if you’ve been scammed by someone pretending to be Spectrum:

  1. Contact Spectrum: Call their customer service line at 1 (833) 267-6094 to secure your account and start an investigation.
  2. Notify your bank: Tell your bank or credit card company to freeze your accounts or cancel cards if you gave away payment info.
  3. Report to authorities: File complaints with the FTC, FCC, local law enforcement, and credit bureaus to alert them of the scam.
  4. Change passwords: If you shared your Spectrum login, change passwords for other accounts using the same info to prevent further access by scammers.

Final Thoughts

Be wary of unsolicited calls from Spectrum, there’s no real 50% off deal It’s all a scam. They’ll steal your financial info and use it to drain your bank accounts or make purchases with your credit cards. They might even use your Spectrum info to buy pricey gadgets they can sell for cash.

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