Hopper Verification Code Is A Phishing Scam: Don’t Click On it

The Verification code text from Hopper service is a phishing attempt targeting people in the United States and Canada. The verification messages come from a number identified as 8553662242.

if you have received an this verification code it could be that someone may have had your phone number listed in their account Or it could be someone intentionally trying to hack into your account.

This blog post will shade more light in how this scam works and what to do when you receive this unsolicited text message.

What Is Hopper.com

Hopper is an accredited travel agency that you can use to book a hotel, flight etc. They provide services across the globe and there are no hidden fees when you book. However, people are receiving unsolicited verification codes from Hopper.com and mostly from people who do not have an account from them.

You got the verification code from Hopper service because

  • Your number was accidentally used for signing up.
  • Someone is attempting to get into your account.
  • It looks like a phishing scam.

Remember if you get a verification code you didn’t request, your account could be in danger. 

Did You Receive A Verification CodeFrom Hopper? Do The Following

If you receive a code from hopper.com without requesting for it. The first you need to do is report the scam to hopper.com as soon as possible. They can guide you on the necessary steps to secure your account and investigate the incident.

Secondly, change your passwords and PINs for all your financial accounts and any other accounts. Monitor your credit report regularly to ensure no accounts or transactions are tied to your name. Finally relprg the incident to FTC

Why Do Some People Think Hopper.com is a Scam Site?

Some customers on Tripadvisor.com have called out hopper.com for lots of reasons ranging from poor customer support to terrible refund policies.

A customer claimed he paid for a hotel through Hopper, but the hotel claims they never received the payment. Despite Hopper’s reputation and success in the travel industry, issues like these can still happen. While they may not be a scam, the lack of proper handling of such situations can lead to dissatisfaction among customers.

Steps To Take If You Receive Unsolicited Verification Code

  1. Ignore any strange verification code texts you receive.
  2. Look at your account settings to see if anything has been changed without your permission.
  3. Get in touch with the company sending the codes if they keep coming.
  4. Take a good look at your security setup. It might be time to tighten things up a bit.


Finally most of the Hopper verification codes popping up on your phone are phishing attempts and text scams also called smishing gone wrong. Make sure you don’t click on the links or the code as this can compromise your security and lead to identity thefts and other forms of scams circulating online.

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