Don’t Fall for The SiriusXM Membership Expired Scam Email

Beware of scammers pretending to be from SXM sending out text messages and making unsolicited calls claiming your “ SXM – Your Subscription Has Expired“ These messages come from a suspicious domain source [email protected] and has nothing to do with the real Sirius XM.

Lots of our readers have reached out to us to verify if the mails they received lately from Sirius XM is legit.

As a Cybersecurity analyst, I’ve taken my time to investigate this unsolicited mails and the bogus claims. This article sheds a light on how the scam operates, and what to do if you fall victim.

Exposing The Sirius XM Scam Emails

The scammers behind this scam are going around telling people that their Sirius XM account has expired. The text says
Dear customer,
Your membership has expired.
But as part of our loyalty program, you can now extend for 90 days for free. Enjoy unlimited music, Podcast, and more. Extend your membership.

Upon closer look we discovered these red flags, First, the email is sent from a suspicious address that didn’t seem legitimate. Second, the email mentioned “membership,” but Sirius sells subscriptions, not memberships. This raised our suspicions and made us realize it was likely a scam. If it’s for real the email should be “[email protected].

The have link will take you to fake website, If you visit these sites and share your personal info, you’re giving it to scammers who can steal your identity or commit fraud. Also, the fake sites might give your device viruses, which can cause big problems for you in the future

To Check If a Message or Website From SiriusXM is real:

  1. Look at the web address: Make sure it starts with “HTTPS” for a secure connection.
  2. Check for spelling mistakes: Legitimate messages usually don’t have errors.
  3. Be cautious with personal info: SiriusXM won’t ask for things like passwords or social security numbers.
  4. Payment methods: They don’t accept payments through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, or cryptocurrency.
  5. Check the web address: Look for for the U.S. or for Canada.
  6. Be cautious with unknown links: Don’t click on URLs in suspicious emails or texts. Instead, go directly to your account or contact SiriusXM.

How to Report Suspicious Emails

If you receive a suspicious email or text:

  1. Don’t interact with it: Avoid clicking links, opening attachments, or replying.
  2. Forward the email: Send suspicious emails to [email protected].
  3. Forward the phishing attempt to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at [email protected] The more victims speak up, the more likely the FTC is to go after these scammers.
  1. Change your password: Update your SiriusXM password immediately.
  2. Log out: Sign out of all devices.
  3. Update other passwords: Change passwords on other sites where you use the same email and password.
  4. Contact your bank: If you shared financial info, notify your bank or credit card company.


Finally, Remember, scammers are out there trying to trick you. Use strong passwords, never spill your personal stuff via email, and double-check any unexpected messages by going straight to SiriusXM. Stay alert out there.

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