LoanCare Data Breach Class Action: Legit Or Scam? Find Out

Did you hear about the LoanCare Data Breach? It is not a scam.

LoanCare is a company that helps take care of mortgages. They work with banks and others to make sure everything related to your home loan is running well.

People got a bit uneasy at first when they got a letter. Why? Because it was asking them to sign up for credit monitoring services, and that meant sharing even more personal stuff and confirming their Social Security Number (SSN). Is this letter trying to trick you? Could it be some sneaky person pretending to be LoanCare, out to swipe your identity? This article will reveal that.

Who Is Behind LoanCare Data Breach?

LoanCare is a company that helps take care of mortgages. They work with banks and others to make sure everything related to your home loan is running well. They’re making sure everything stays in order. And they’re part of Fidelity National Financial, a big shot in title insurance. LoanCare is handling $390 billion in mortgage loans for over 1.2 million people.

What To Expect If Your Personal Info Was Stolen

People are really stressed out because their super personal info, like names, addresses, SSNs, and loan numbers, got into the wrong hands. Now, they’re seriously worried that these hackers might do some shady stuff, like:

  1. Taking out loans or credit cards using their names.
  2. Sneaking into their bank and retirement accounts.
  3. Filing fake tax returns to grab their refunds.
  4. Messing with their health insurance and medical details.
  5. Pulling off all sorts of scams and stealing their money.

So, while LoanCare isn’t pulling any scams, the people affected are now on high alert for other scams coming their way with all that stolen info.

What to Do If You Got the LoanCare Breach Heads-Up

If you’re one of the folks whose info got tangled up in the LoanCare mess, here’s the lowdown on what you should do to keep your identity, accounts, and secrets safe:

  1. Jump on the Free Credit Monitoring Ride Even if it feels a bit weird giving out more info, signing up for the 2-year credit monitoring is a must.
  2. Activate Fraud Alerts with the Credit Big Shots On top of the monitoring thing, pop a 1-year fraud alert on Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. This adds an extra layer of protection, making sure any new credit in your name gets a double check.
  3. Switch Up All Those Passwords. Reset every single password, PIN, and security question for every financial thing connected to the info that got snagged.
  4. Keep an Eye Out for Fishy LoanCare Messages Watch out for shady characters trying to pull a fast one by pretending to be LoanCare.


In conclusion, Loancare data breach is not a scam. Just like the Apple Family Sharing Settlement. However, Be prepared for scammers trying to take advantage of the situation. They know that LoanCare customers are on high alert because of the data breach. Watch out for fake calls, emails, or texts pretending to be from LoanCare or related entities. These scams might aim to trick you into giving them more money or access to your accounts.

The initial breach notice might have been genuine but be cautious about subsequent scams trying to capitalize on the situation.

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