Don’t Fall For The Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler Donation Scam Email

Have you received an email that claims Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler a wealthy German lady has decided to donate thousands of euros to you? Beware! It’s a full fledged scam. Scammers are using the ‘donation format’ as a scam tactics to steal your money – via processing and tax fees which you’d be requested to pay.

Lerynne West Scam

Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler Scam Donation Email

The scam email often looks like this –

Greetings to you, I am Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler, a German businesswoman, investor and managing director of the Schaeffler Group. I am one of the owners of the Schaeffler Group. I have 25% of my share given away for charity. And I’ve also pledged to give away the remaining 25% to individuals.

I have decided to donate €1,700,000 to 100 people. If you are interested in my donation, please contact me at ( [email protected] ) for more details now.

Mrs Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler

Exposing The Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler Scam Donation Offer

First of all, Since 2021, lots of people have complained about receiving similar email. In fact, one woman came out to say she had £2,400 stolen by online scammers pretending to Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler.

Secondly, you’d be asked to make some payments which is in cryptocurrency. You know what happens when you make a bitcoin transaction right? It’s untraceable. You can’t track the person at the other end or make a complaint. This is why scammers always chose bitcoin.

Thirdly, the real Maria_Elisabeth Schaeffler, a German business woman, have put out a statement warning the public of impostors. They clearly stated that any donation email is not from them and should be treated as a scam.

How To Spot and Avoid Donation Beneficiary Scam

  •  Offers of free money are too good to be true and are likely scams – Ignore Unexpected emails, letters, texts, or any contact that say you are entitled to money or compensation.
  • The scammer uses a public domain email address. If someone is contacting you from a Gmail email address, they’re likely not a lawyer.
  • Legitimate Donations don’t ask for money – Don’t pay a fee to collect winnings or a prize
  • Do an internet search using the names or contact details to check for any references to a scam.


If it sounds too good to be true, it certainly isn’t TRUE. The Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler scam uses Donation beneficiary scam tactics to rip people off their money. It’s a fake and not from the real Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler. If you’ve received this scam email,

here’s what you should do:

  • Report it to the FTC
  • Delete the email 
  • Never reply the email
  • Don’t send money no matter how small it is.

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