Cristy Davis Powerball Donation Lottery Scam 2022: Beware!

Have you received a text or WhatsApp message allegedly from Cristy Davis the Powerball winner of $70 million? Don’t be deceived! It is a scam. Read this article to find out how this scam works, and how to avoid being a victim.

Since 2021, scammers have been impersonating Cristy Davis, by sending text messages that claim the recipients have been selected to receive  $50,000 from Cristy Davis, the $70 million power ball lottery winner 2020.

This email goes like this-

Hello WhatsApp user, my name is Christy Davis, I’m from Michigan. Three Million, five hundred thousand dollars have been donated to you, I won the $70 million power ball lottery on February 12, 2020, and I have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $3500000.00 to you; for more information get back to me with this email: [email protected]

This look so convincing, and might make you think you are lucky. However, this is a scam! when we sent a mail to the email address we were given a telephone number to call. This is where the scam comes in;

The scammers asked us to send money, which they claim is for taxes, processing fees, delivery fee, or some other fee. The funny thing was that they want it to be in Bitcoin!

You know what happens when you make a bitcoin transaction right? It’s untraceable. You can’t track the person at the other end or make a complaint. This is why scammers always chose bitcoin.

What Should You Do If You Receive Emails Like This

No matter how convincing it make sound, we advise you not to send money or personal information to anyone. If you receive messages like this in the future, you should completely ignore it, and make a complaint to your local police. That way, they’d release a warning so other people wouldn’t fall prey to the scam.

Legitimate lottery companies do not ask their winners to send money or personal information in order to collect their prizes.


  1. My name is Cristy Davis am from Michigan,40 years, I won the sum of $70 million Powerball lottery on February 12, 2020,I have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $ 20 million to 20 citizens and your number is randomly picked from my Mega Bonus Program after a spin ball, to claim your winnings send your FULL NAME, ADDRESS via text to the Senior Agent David Gonzalez +1(205) 774-9690 and claim your winnings.
    Came from number 414-949-0112

    1. I am caught up in this scandal ( scam ) and I have people calling me from all over the US threatening me and swearing at me. Somehow her two people handling the money gave out all of my private info on the internet. I am trying to find Christy Davis for help. I can’t get law enforcement to do anything for me.
      I am a 69 year old Disabled Senior Citizen Veteran of the Air Force. Pease Help me.

    2. Here is mine:
      Hello good day, I’m Cristy Davis the Michigan Powerball Lottery winner of $70 millions. I’m donating the sum of $800,000 to 6 random individuals. Send text messages to the Agent incharge Mr.Jacob (919) 213-1311 TEXT ONLY for the confirmation and delivery of your winning. Thanks! If you get this message, then your number was selected after a spin ball as one of the winner.

  2. I’ve got a Cristy davis scam from this number 8018755251 I trace the number it from a hannah lacey works at a utah real estate as a office assistant j par silver path office licence 10838668 utah real estate .com web site address 2685 n 1000 w suite 103 pleasant view ut 84414 more info on the utah real estate .com web site you can trace # and web sites that you have I tryed contact the business got no reply yet

  3. Yes, I finally realized after it’s too late I am being scammed. I’m out over $30.000.00
    Cristy did a fine job on me. I now have to come up with $15.000.00 to pay barristers to free up $100 million from a sale her father used to own but now passed on sold by Loretta Lynch asked me to set this up for Cristy. I now want to make a loan. Am I crazy or what? Is this one s scam???

  4. Hello I’m so sorry this happened to you I just got the same text but I knew it was a scam you need to call the authorities and report those numbers I hope they can do something for you never ever believe anyone that calls text and says you have won money for my Powerball lottery winner or anything else like that especially if they ask you for money!best wishes

  5. I received the text yesterday . I’m glad I looked up the name and information that’s how I found this . Mine said 10 people won a random drawing she did for a give away of 1millon each. I’m having a real hard time rite now I’m disabled and my partner had a stroke so he is out of work . Now I have to pay all the bills on my disability check. I have taken loans to make ends meet . I can’t take anymore. I was kinda hoping that it was real but I had to check it out first. I’m so glad I did . The struggle is real and continues.

  6. Christy Davis text me telling me to contact John Mark 609 780 4000
    Powerball winner DER.. from 2021, caught that a lil late. I text back using *67 and said my claim
    I am one of God’s children and they would have to deal with my dad if they were scamming me

  7. I just received a text msg from this number 760-498-6601 that I just been selected for 100,000 from Cristy Davis, they ask for name and address, which I sent, but the wrong address, now they are ask am I ready to fill out a form I was hoping it was real, I knew it is a scam just playing along with them.

  8. Received this today
    This is Cristy Davis the jackpot winner in Michigan on Feb 12/2020 I’m the winner of the $70 million jackpot I’m using this medium to give out $200,000,00 to each USA citizen I randomly picked 20 peoples it’s approved by the federal government and all cell phone service such as AT&T, VERIZON, SPRINT E.T.C, and your number was among the luckiest one congratulation to you and gets back to my agent Anthony Adams on this number with text (513) 657-0440 that you want to claim your $200,000 winnings money THANK YOU!

  9. Got this text:
    Good News, This is Cristy Davis the jackpot winner in Michigan I’m the winner of $70 million dollars jackpot I’m using this time to give out $30,000 to each USA citizens I randomly picked 3 people for the CO VID 19 going on in the country it’s approved by the federal government All cell phone service watch me on this link Here is the number of the agent Bruce Williams in charge +1 517-312-0275 text him for confirmation and delivery of your winnings.

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