Is Avas Flower A Scam? How Avas Fool Their Entire Customers

Avas Flower is an untrustworthy company that only cares about customers money. They advertise with a very detailed picture of their flowers, sizes and pricing. However, once you place an order, getting your package take ages.

This article will reveal how this website fools their customers and acts more like a bait and switch flower store than a legit online website.

The Truth About Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers, is basically just a middleman. They take your floral order and then call up a local florist in the area to handle it. They tack on an unexpected $25 “service fee” for themselves. And to make matters worse, they let you know on the day of delivery that they don’t have the product available and won’t be able to deliver it until at least four days later, even though you placed your order two days in advance.

If you search for florists in any town, Avas Flowers will pop up with language that makes it seem like they’re right there in that town. That’s just how they optimize their website for search engines.

Is Avas Flower Legit Or Scam?

Avas is clearly not a scam but is rather an incompetent online store. Their customer service representatives are poorly trained, leading to prolonged wait times, dropped calls, and frustrating transfers to executive customer services, only to face further delays.

If you’re considering buying flowers there, we recommend doing your research and ordering flowers from a local vendor. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it also guarantees timely delivery and supports businesses within the community.

Reviews and Complaints is currently rated 1.5 on Trustpilot and poorly on other review websites. Here are some of the customer reports

Flowers did not show up after 3 days. I called to cancel. It’s next to impossible to get through to customer service. Terrible experience. Kept me on hold forever. I’m hoping to actually get my refund. Do not order from this company. I thought it was a local florist but it’s not.

We order 5 12 roses arrangements and we got them with only 4 roses or 3 on one of them when it suppose to be 12 roses. We also order 30 ballons and got only 10. Also paid for fast delivery. 20 extra dollars to be in a time frame the birthday person will be at that location and they delivered 8 hrs later from before 1 pm to 7 pm and we tried to call them multiple times and no luck on getting an answer back at all.

The flowers that I ordered for a funeral were nothing like what was delivered. The worst thing was the card. I typed “May tender memories soften your grief”. In very sloppy writing, the card read, “thunder your grief”. I was so embarrassed. I called to complain, and was offered $10, and they would call the recipients to apologize. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I said no, and $10 would not cut it. 

What You Must Know Before Ordering Flowers via

  • Disappointment with Arrangement: The flowers received looked nothing like what was promised. Most times deliveries are late, poorly arranged, and much smaller than expected.
  • Zero Customer Service: If you try to contact customer service you will end up disappointed. If you have issues, there is no way to reach them to get the problem resolved.
  • No Refunds: Ava’s does not offer refunds. If you do not receive your orders, Avas does not guarantee any refunds.
  • Deceptive advertising: They advertise that they are a local family owned business but they are not. They are based out of New Jersey and promise deliveries through different florists all over the country. They promise delivery on a certain day and keep backing it up for several days.
  • Unsolicited calls: They’ll send you a message saying your order’s been “delivered,” but it’s a complete lie. And if you try calling their number, either nobody picks up or it just goes silent. Eventually they’ll start bugging you with calls, texts, and emails non-stop. Even if you tell them to stop texting you, they’ll just switch to another number. When they call, it shows up on your phone as “SPAM”.


Finally, we do not recommend the services of Avas flowers because they totally misrespresent customer orders, have no active customer service and you will end up disappointed after placing an order. Do not buy from them unless you want to get ripped off!.

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