I Tried Lashify DIY Lash Extension: Here’s What Happened

I came across the viral Lashify Lash Extension, I’ve always been skeptical about getting lash extensions. I’m worried that they would overpower my natural facial features.

I never really thought about getting eyelash extensions at a salon or brow bar. It’s because they take so long to put on (around two and a half hours on average), and they don’t last very long (usually about four weeks, but sometimes they fall out even sooner). But when I heard great things about this lash extension, I had to try it.

About Lashify DIY Lash Extension

Lashify is a DIY lash extension that you can stick to your the lashes (called Gossamers). You can put them under your natural lashes for a smoother look. Their product is tested by eye doctors, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t have any dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde or latex.

They’ve got all sorts of lengths and volumes, so I tried out shorter sets with different volumes to see what works best.

If you’re not sure which length or volume to go for, I’d suggest starting with a set that’s kind of in the middle. Then, you can adjust from there to find the perfect fit for you.

Special Tools For Application

  1. Fuse Control Wand: A special tool for applying the lashes.
  2. Wandoms: Little covers for the end of the Wand.
  3. Gossamers: The actual lashes you’ll be putting on.
  4. Whisper Light: Glue that comes in clear and black.
  5. Glass: Stuff to clean up any stickiness.
  6. Built-in mirror: Handy for seeing what you’re doing.

Applying Lashify For The First Time

If you’re thinking about trying out Lashify’s DIY lash extensions, keep in mind that it might take some practice. I prefer my lashes to have a fluttery look and some depth, so I ended up liking the Fluffy lashes the most. Give yourself about an hour or so for your first attempt.

When I applied the lashes for the first time, I spent about an hour using a lash extension remover to put them on and take them off my first eye until I got them just right. With practice, I was able to do my second eye in less than 15 minutes. I’d also recommend having a magnifying mirror, good lighting, and a comfy spot to sit in to help you focus and be precise.

However, The Bondage glue seems good when you first use it. But there’s something about the packaging that makes it dry up quickly, like it’s not sealed tight enough. But I don’t regret buying it.


  • They blend in really well with your natural lashes, making them look like extensions.
  • Easy to put on at home, saving you from spending hours at a salon.
  • Lasts a good few days, even up to a week if you take care of them.
  • You can wear them constantly without harming your real lashes.
  • Simple to take off whenever you need a break, unlike extensions.
  • They offer a subscription service if you wear them a lot.


  • Starting cost can be a bit high, but it’s still cheaper than getting lash extensions.
  • You might have to try a few different sets to find the ones that fit you best.
  • Avoid getting them wet too much, as they’re not as waterproof as extensions.
  • If you sleep on your side, you might need to touch them up more often

Can I Reuse Lashify Lashes?

According to Medicis, the company recommends using Gossamers only once to prevent damage to natural lashes.

I tried it myself, and while it worked for a second round, the lashes began to break apart, so I had to switch to new ones. Also the lashes didn’t look as new as the initial time.

How To Use

  1. Wash your face and let your lashes dry.
  2. Put on black Whisper Light, then let it get sticky.
  3. Put on another coat of black Whisper Light, and let it get tacky.
  4. Put on a coat of white Whisper Light and let it get tacky.
  5. Take out a Gossamer and put it under your lashes.
  6. Keep adding Gossamers until you reach the other corner of your eye.
  7. Press and seal the Gossamers onto your lashes.
  8. Put on Glass and let it dry.

Removing Lashify lashes is easy, like taking off regular false lashes. They suggest sleeping on your back, but I prefer sleeping on my side due to some back issues. So, sometimes I wake up with a loose lash that needs fixing.

How Much Does It Cost

The Control Kit costs $125 and includes all the basics. You can also get the Blow Speed Dryer for $7 to speed up drying time. After using the initial three lash sets, priced at $20 to $25 each, you might want to buy more sets each month. Additionally, you can splurge on extra sets like the pink Prismatics for $25. Lashify releases new lash styles regularly, so you may end up spending around $75 per month, which is still cheaper than salon extensions.

Can You Do Regular Activities While Wearing Lashify: Final Words

Yes, I can still do my regular activities like working out, sleeping, and swimming with them on. Also it’s okay to get the lashes wet and you can even wear eye makeup like eyeshadow and eyeliner with the lashes, but the brand recommends avoiding mascara. The lashes already give me the volume and length I want without the clumps or mess of mascara. If I want more curl, I can try using a heated lash curler instead of a regular one.

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