Pair Eyeglasses Reviews(2024) Should You Buy or Fake Hype

These days, both men and women are choosing Pair eyeglasses as stylish yet practical accessories. We checked out the best Blue Light Reading Glasses and sifted through reviews from some of the most well-known review sites.

Pair Eyewear sells their base frames for $60, which includes basic prescription lenses. The price may increase if you opt for additional lens treatments like blue light filtering, progressive, light-responsive (transitions), or sun lenses. But is it worth your money?

About Pair Eyeglasses

Pair Eyewear offers lots of Prescription and non-prescription glasses. They have lots of different frames and styles to choose from, including options for kids and recently introduced collections for adults.

You can get 3D solid-colored frames that are made from materials like acrylic, plastic, and resin. They come in all sorts of colors and designs.

Here are the Key Points

  1. Glasses start at $60, making them affordable.
  2. Lots of different styles to pick from.
  3. You get a free 30-day trial to test them out.
  4. They offer different types of lenses like blue light filter and bifocals.
  5. If you have out-of-network vision insurance, you can get reimbursed by submitting your receipt.

My Experience with Pair Eyeglasses

I recently ordered a pair of glasses from Pair, and I have to say, they’re not as cheap as I expected. Building my glasses ended up costing me $379, and that’s not including the $149 extra for transition lenses on top of the already expensive lenses.

One thing that bothered me was the lack of free magnetic clip-ons. I believe every pair should come with one for free, especially since sun comfort is essential. It felt wrong to be charged extra for a 1-year warranty, especially when some of us are on a budget and just need glasses to see. Paying $90 for glasses and one clip-on felt excessive, and $40 to $60 for both would have been more reasonable. As for the clip-ons themselves, $30 each seemed too high—I think $10 would be more fair.

Good Stuff

  1. Frames feel strong.
  2. Sun toppers work well.
  3. Lenses are clear and tough.
  4. Different frame styles are cool.
  5. Toppers add fun to outfits.
  6. Nose pads are comfy.

Not So Good

  1. Glare isn’t fully blocked.
  2. Clear frames clash with toppers.
  3. Toppers look kinda cheap.
  4. Worried about distance wear.
  5. Layering toppers looks odd.
  6. Cases are ugly.

How Affordable Are Pair Eyeglasses?

Pair Eyeglasses are not cheap at least it wasn’t for me. Their base frame styles start at $60, which includes single-vision lenses, or $260 for progressive lenses. The frame toppers range from $25 to $30 each, with even better deals if you buy in bundles.

Is It Worth The Hype

So far, they are just fine but not revolutionary. The brand offers lots of eye glasses in different styles for children, men and women. If you need bifocals or trifocals, Pair Eyewear doesn’t offer them. It’s not clear when ordering, as they don’t mention this problem upfront.

Customer Complaints

So far the customer complaints on Trustpilot and Reddit are mixed. On the BBB website, customers gave Pair Eyewear a rating of 2 out of 5 stars. The issues range from customer service, issues in sizes of frame etc. Some of the reviews online include:

I wouldn’t buy from pair again. I got mine 2 days ago. Love the base and toppers. But it took 2 weeks to get and I can only see clearly in a very narrow range of the lenses. I emailed to see if there was possibly a flaw in making the lenses. The email autoreply said it’s currently a minimum 5 day wait on responses. And there is not a way to report an error with the specific order. You just get lumped into the general inbox. So pretty upset about that. I would call but my schedule is too busy this week and fly out for conference next week.

They are extremely expensive and want too much personal information. I was going to order a pair but my prescription wasn’t good enough for them and they were asking for an additional $200 for lenses i didnt even ask for on top of the $160 I already paid. So I told them just cancel my order and refund me.

 I received mine and i couldnt be happier! They fit good, I can absolutely see thru my progressive frames and the tops are the most fun!! The magnets attach easily without even looking. Just really the best idea out there. When you are locked in to wearing glasses all the time, we can now change up our look all the time. I dont usually comment on products but this one is great!

Can I Return It

Yes, you can return your Pair Eyewear glasses within 30 days after they are delivered. This applies to both the glasses themselves, any tops you’ve ordered, or any accessories.

Here Are Companies that offer Eyewear for Both Adults and Children:

Pair eyewear competitors include:

  1. GlassesUSA: They sell a variety of designer and in-house frames, along with sunglasses and contact lenses. You can virtually try on glasses on their website.
  2. Zenni Optical: They offer frames and sunglasses for all ages, with options to shop by face shape, frame color, and style.

Would I Buy Again

Maybe, though my experience was not great. Pair Eyewear has some stylish glasses, but they only offer single prescriptions. However, I found that their glasses aren’t anything revolutionary, so I think it’s worth looking into the other options we mentioned earlier.

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