Fashion Eyewear: To Buy or Not? Pros & Cons

Did you come across Fashion Eyewear? When it comes to finding great prescriptions glasses, there are a few things to consider to keep your eyes feeling good. First off, the quality of the lenses and how well they magnify text. Then, think about the weight and materials of the frames, as well as how durable they are (because let’s face it, we all end up sitting on or dropping our glasses at some point).

And of course, you want to get good value for the price you pay. Is this brand worth a quick peek? Today I’m sharing an unbiased review of Fashion Eyewear, it’s pros and cons and everything you need to know.

About Fashion Eyewear

Fashion Eyewear is a company that sells different types of glasses, like sunglasses and prescription glasses. They have cool designs and use advanced lens technology. They offer top designer brands at good prices, and they work with big names like Ray-Ban and Oakley.

My First Purchase

I ordered my first pair of prescription sunglasses from this company a month ago because they were cheap. However, after weeks of waiting without any updates, I reached out to them for information but got a generic response. Two weeks later, I followed up again, only to receive the same generic email. Frustrated with their lack of communication, I expressed my disappointment, and they promised to prioritize my order.

Despite their assurance, the glasses I received today were completely wrong. They were regular glasses instead of sunglasses, and the invoice inside had someone else’s name and details. Now, I’m left with someone else’s glasses and personal information, causing further delays in receiving my correct order. Despite multiple emails, I’m still waiting for a solution from the company.

This experience has left me extremely dissatisfied, and I won’t be ordering from this company again.

What I Like About This Eyewear

  1. Huge selection of eyewear
  2. Designer eyewear available
  3. Easy ordering process

What I Don’t Like

  1. The glasses do not live up to the hype
  2. There are issues with shipping
  3. The company does not offer refunds

Why It Feels Like A Scam

Some people are not happy with the glasses they received after waiting for a long time. I found customer complaints on Reddit and Trustpilot who did not like the outcome of the lens and frame, have called out their customer service as the worst and lots more.

The pictures on their web are not what they send to you and to make matters worse you cannot even get a refund when you receive them.

Why I Do Not Recommend Fashion Eyewear

Firstly, They will give numerous excuses on delay in shipping your paid order and your product will not arrive and most customers get hidden fees attached to their order.

Secondly, Fashion Eyewear’s customer service is awful, with generic emails and poor communication. If you experience problems and send out emails they will not respond to it. Their “customer service ” team have no problem disengaging with you whatsoever.

Thirdly, EU customers pay custom charges when glasses reach their destination – they make no mention of this at checkout unlike other online retailers nor is it calculated at the point of sale. The company offers free glasses for NHS workers but then adds hidden fees. They’ll claim extra payments are needed at every step. Their customer service is poor. I recommend you stick with reliable options like Specsavers and Vision Express.

Customer Complaints

Fashion eyewear has a total of 2.6 Rating from 234 customers reviews from,

Total disgrace palmed off as it seems that’s all they ever do. Says up to 14days I am now on to 3 weeks, seems like others have waited longer. I’m dreading the arrival to when ever this may be, and the possibilities of having to return. Wish I read all the reviews and trusted my gut. I thought ordering online would have been a faster process, I was so wrong!

Ordered and paid for prescription glasses which didn’t turn up for over 20 weeks so cancelled my order. Yet to receive my refund. I would like all other reviews advise people to avoid ordering from this company, just constant excuses.

You get what you pay for. Yes the frames are discounted. But may come damaged upon arrival. My frames were bent and I couldn’t wear them. The company said that since I live in the US, I should take it to a local optician and was given 10 GBP or 14 USD as a “courtesy”. A few places would not touch the frames as if they got damaged in the heating & reshaping process, they did not want to be held accountable. I finally found someone who would adjust the frames for 30 USD. So I now lost 15 USD over their lack of quality control. It is less than 2 months that I have worn these glasses and there’s a scratch on them. Company says since I bought standard lenses there is no warranty.

How Much Do These Eyeglasses Cost?

You can buy these glasses only on, the prices vary. To get a discount, use code LENSES30 for 30% off prescription lenses and coatings.

Is Fashion Eyewear Legit

Fashion eye wear appears to be a legit company but they do not sell authentic glasses. Also there are lots of fake customer reviews online including Trustpilot.

What Does Their Refund Policy Look Like

They offer a 14days return policy if you do not like the glasses. However to return them, they need to be in good shape, haven’t been worn, and are still in the original packaging.

Would I Buy Again?

No, the glasses are cheap for sure but if you are based in the US, it will take at least a month for your glasses to arrive. In my case, almost 3 months! Not the greatest customer service either so wouldn’t recommend the hassle of purchasing products your could get elsewhere.

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