I Bought HoneyLove Crossover Bra: Here’s My Unbiased Review

You must have heard or read about Honeylove’s Crossover bra, and you’re looking for genuine reviews about this bra. I was once in your shoes, curious but doubtful especially as there are conflicting reviews online. Fortunately, I decided to buy and try the Honeylove CrossOver bra, to see if it’s really worth the hype, and if it’s a good value for the price. In this review, I share my experience trying the Crossover bra, its pros, cons, and what to expect.

Do you want to buy Honeylove Crossover Bra? Here’s a consumer report.

Overview of Honeylove CrossOver Bra

The Honeylove crossover bra is a wireless bra with a simple crisscross design on the front. It has no underwire, and its material is super stretchy fabric. The features of this bra include; adjustable straps, wire-free support, flat bonded seams, and soft removable cups.

My Experience Wearing HoneyLove CrossOver Wireless Bra

My order from Nordstorm.com came within 14days. I ordered the a pair of the CrossOver Bra because I really liked what I saw online.

Unfortunately, it didn’t really meet my expectations. When I first tried it on, I thought this was the One. Soft and comfortable and seemed good support. But then I wore it for a while. First of all, the material is too stretchy and it does not really provide enough support.

Secondly, the pads are too thick for my liking (however, I know there are people who may like it that way). When I tried wearing it without the pads, it feels too revealing.

I bought a small, I’m a 32D or 34B. The band stretched as I wore it I guess due to body heat. The cup gapped by the armpits unless it was crossed in the back. Meanwhile, the lower part of the band in front of the sternum felt sharp, digging into my skin.

It still fits better with crossed straps, but I don’t like the smaller size. I also don’t like that the padding in the cups needs to be fixed every time I wash them.

I can’t return it because I already took the tag off and wore it a couple of times, hoping I’d get used to the fit. The no-returns policy without tags is a bit frustrating. Still, do think this Crossover bra by Honeylove has a lot of potential. The brand needs to work on the but needs to be reworked.

Honeylove Crossover Bra Pros: What I Love About This Wireless Bra

  • It’s wireless
  • The material is soft and light
  • It is a comfortable bra

Cons: What I Hate About Honeylove CrossOver Bra

  • Its more like a sports bra
  • It does not provide enough support due to its stretchy material

How To Choose Your Right Size Of Honeylove Crossover Bra

When you’re selecting a HoneyLove bra:

  1. Consider Your Shape: Pick based on your body shape.
  2. Find Your Size: Use the size chart for a comfy fit.
  3. Know Your Support Needs: Choose more or less support as you prefer.
  4. Match Your Style: Select one that suits your outfit and taste.

How To Care

To keep your HoneyLove bras in good shape:

  1. Washing: Follow HoneyLove’s care advice. Usually, hand wash or use gentle cycle.
  2. Storage: Keep them without folding to maintain shape.
  3. Prevent Damage: Avoid rough surfaces and sharp edges to prevent tears. Handle with care.

Where To Buy

You can buy honeylove bra from honeylove.com or from Amazon. The price of this bra is $64.99.


HoneyLove crossover bra is a comfy, supportive, and stylish bra. However, it has a couple of flaws that needs to be fixed by the company. If I’m to rate this bra I’ll give it a 5 over 10. Unlike the Eleplus cami bra, the Honeylove bra is worth buying, especially if you’re a fan of wireless bras.

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