Beware of Optima Tax Relief Services: They Are A Total Rip

I would steer clear of this company Optima Tax Relief. They take you money and make you lots of promises but as soon as they get your money, you can’t even get a call back.

Also, don’t be fooled by tax relief companies promising to solve your IRS issues. Don’t answer their calls, visit their websites, or believe their ads and reviews. Trusting them could end up causing you more problems.

Optima Tax Relief
Optima Tax Relief

About Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief has been in business since 2011, so they’re a real company. But that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for everyone. If you’re dealing with tax problems, it might be easier and cheaper to work directly with the IRS. They can walk you through the process and help with all the paperwork. So, think twice before you go with Optima and consider reaching out to the IRS first.

My Experience with Optima Tax Relief: A Cautionary Tale

After paying Optima Tax Relief $1,500, they told me I needed to pay an additional $3,580.50 to be represented and protected from IRS actions. I asked for my tax transcripts, but they refused to provide them and suggested I get them from the IRS for free.

When I asked for more detailed explanations, the customer service was rude and unhelpful. I even had a representative named Schandler hang up on me. It felt like I paid $500 just for advice I already knew, and they did nothing to help my situation.

Customer Testimonials

The testimonials on BBB and other review websites are not pretty. Here are some of the reviews:

I ran into tax issues and owed the IRS over $16,000. I saw an ad for Optima Tax Relief promising to reduce tax bills, so I hired them for around $1,500. Unfortunately, they couldn’t reduce my tax bill and delayed the process for two years. Now, I’m paying the full amount to the IRS in monthly installments, on top of the $1,500 I spent on Optima. It’s been a costly lesson for me.

I was still getting letters from the IRS and my paychecks at work Started getting garnished. I called the IRS to ask if they got the information from Optima and explain I was told the garnishment when it happened until my case was reviewed. The IRS Had received nothing, on my behalf, And were unaware I had representation at all. 

Should You Try Tax Relief Companies

In my opinion no. Tax relief companies can end up costing you a lot without solving your IRS problems. They might not report your information correctly, leaving you with even bigger debts. It’s safer to consult directly with the IRS or a financial advisor you trust before getting involved with these companies.

Some positive reviews for Optima might not be genuine. They offer unhappy customers $350 to agree not to write anything negative about them. So, the good reviews might be a bit skewed because of this.

They charge way too much for things you could do yourself for free. Second, it’s really tough to get in touch with them—unless they want something from you, like a missed payment or another service fee.

Is Optima Tax Relief A Scam

Optima isn’t a scam, but my experience with them wasn’t great. They helped me with my IRS paperwork, but that’s about it. They didn’t negotiate with the IRS on my behalf or handle penalties like I hoped. Plus, they didn’t finish the work when they said they would. If you’re considering using them, make sure you know exactly what services you’re getting.

What Does Optima Tax Relief Cost?

Optima Tax Relief doesn’t share their fees online. You could start with a fee of $295, but the final cost can be much higher, even reaching up to $5000 or more, based on your tax situation. Always check and understand the fees before you commit.

Final Words

After some digging, I found out this is a common issue. Check out the BBB for thousands of negative reviews about Optima Tax Relief. You can also visit for more stories. There’s even a Facebook group called “Optima Tax Relief SCAMS!!!” Make sure to look at the email screenshot I posted for proof. I’m taking steps to get my money back, and you should be cautious too.

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