Rare Carat Review: Are Their Diamond Rings Good or Bad

Did you come across ads online promoting Rarecarat as an online website selling diamond jewelry. Wondering if Rare Carat is a reliable place to buy diamonds? Rare Carat has been selling diamonds online for some time now. They say they offer the largest selection of certified diamonds on the internet. But how’s the quality? Are their prices fair?. This article will explain better.

Rare Carat
Rare Carat website

What is Rare carat?

Rarecarat is website where they sale diamonds. It teams up with different online diamond sellers to help you find the best diamond deals. But remember, you’re buying from those sellers, not directly from Rarecarat. Though they offer competitive prices, their inventory and diamond videos are not good enough to make a safe purchase (for my taste) but I still gave it a shot.

How Does It Work?

You might see the same diamond on different websites but at different prices. That’s because most stores don’t actually own the diamonds they show online. They list diamonds based on deals with suppliers. Even regular jewelry stores often show diamonds they don’t own.

Is Rare Carat Legit?

Yes, Rare Carat is a legit tool I used when shopping for a diamond. But like I said before, you don’t buy diamonds straight from Rare Carat. They’re more like a matchmaker, showing you diamonds from different online stores that fit what you’re looking for.

When it comes to quality, I found no faults so far probably because I haven’t used it for so long but let’s see how it goes. If I notice any flaws in the rings, I’ll be sure to update.

What People Have To Say

Currently there are positive reviews all over Trust pilot and several review websites about this website. Majority of the customers are happy with their purchase and would give rare carat another try. Here are some of the reviews online:

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Rare Caret. I purchased an engagement ring in February 2024 and it was absolutely stunning. My now fiance has received so many compliments on the ring and couldn’t be any happier with it. I was kept informed the of the ring status from the time of purchase until delivered to my home. It arrived exactly when they said it would and in a beautiful package. I will definitely be a returning customer.

The red carpet customer service was truly a great experience. I had a photo of a ring recreated and my extreme pickiness was addressed over and over with the upmost class and considerate service. The response was always immediate. The diamond was carefully chosen to enhance the design. I want to personally thank the two Ruthie and Lydia for their continual personal attention to detail. Thank for making my ring everything I hoped for. I miss working with you. Lisa

My wife of 28 years lost the solitaire from her engagement ring. I wanted to get her a new ring with a bigger and more beautiful stone. It was so nice to be able to select the quality and size of the stone I was looking for. When it arrived it was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. My was was shocked. She loves showing it off. It was exactly what I wanted, but even more beautiful. It was also within my budget. I am so happy I found Rare Carat. I will never buy a diamond the traditional away again.


  1. Rare Carat shows prices from different jewelers to help you find a better deal.
  2. The site can tell you if you’re getting a good deal on a diamond.
  3. You can talk to gem experts for advice.
  4. You might get a diamond cheaper than elsewhere.


  1. A good price doesn’t mean you’re getting a great diamond.
  2. You have to check the ring’s quality yourself.
  3. Some companies they recommend have closed suddenly.
  4. Using certain payment methods means less protection if something goes wrong.
  5. You might not get the quality you want since you don’t know who’s making the ring.

What If I Don’t Like The Diamonds

If you don’t like what you’ve received, You have 30 days to send it back, and they cover the shipping costs. Plus, there are no extra fees when you return an item.

Is Rare Carat Really a Marketplace?

Rare Carat says they’re a marketplace, but it’s a bit confusing. Typically, marketplaces don’t make the products they sell; they let different sellers list their items. With Rare Carat, it’s not clear if they follow this model.

What to Be Careful About?

One thing to watch out for is that a diamond you want might get sold to someone else before the website updates its info. So, you could think you’re buying a diamond, but then find out it’s no longer available.

Rare Carat vs. James Allen: Which is Easier for Buying Diamonds?

Rare Carat helps you find diamonds, but its selection is small and can be confusing because you have to check different sellers. It’s more work to figure out what you’re getting.

James Allen, on the other hand, is simple and clear. They show you all the details about each diamond, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus, you can even get the diamond set right there.

So, if you want an easy shopping experience, James Allen is the better choice.

Important Facts About Rare Carat

  • Aggressive Marketing: Rare Carat runs strong ad campaigns against their competitors. Once you click on their ads, expect to see even more ads from them.
  • Marketing Tactics: They use humor and customer testimonials in their ads to make you like and trust their brand.
  • Mixed Reviews: Feedback on Rare Carat varies. Some people have had positive experiences, while others haven’t been satisfied.
  • Changing Business Model: Rare Carat used to compare prices from different sellers but now sells diamonds directly. Reviews from the old model might not reflect the current service.

Is Rare Carat Reliable?

Rare Carat can sometimes give unclear advice on picking diamonds. They don’t show you everything about what you’re buying, and their small warning at the bottom might be easy to miss.

So, while they want to make diamond shopping easier, they still have some work to do.

Common Questions About Rare Carat

  • Is Rare Carat real?
    Yes, it’s safe to buy from Rare Carat. They provide a report with each diamond to prove it’s real and as good as they say.
  • Who runs Rare Carat?
    Anand is the person who started Rare Carat and owns the company.
  • Can I return a ring to Rare Carat?
    Absolutely, you can return or resize your ring for free within 30 days.

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