E coli Ground Beef Recall (2024): Check Your Ground Beef Now!

Check your ground beef now! There has been an E coli Ground Beef Recall recently so If you have ground beef at home, take a moment to check it. The USDA has warned that some ground beef products might have E. coli contamination. It’s essential to look at your beef to ensure it’s safe to eat

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) warned the public about ground beef from Greater Omaha Packing Co. Inc.

E coli Ground Beef Recall
E coli Ground Beef Recall

Recall Alert: Ground Beef Contamination

Greater Omaha Packing Co. Inc. discovered they used some beef that tested positive for harmful E. coli bacteria in their ground beef products. They shipped these products out for sale before realizing the mistake.

E. coli bacteria, found in humans and animals, can produce harmful toxins. Some strains, like E. coli O157:H7, can cause severe sickness and even be deadly.

E coli Ground Beef Recall – TL;DR

  • Product Info: Produced on March 28, 2024; “Use/Freeze By” date of April 22, 2024; Packaging date “032824”. [Full list here](link removed).
  • Identification: Look for “EST. 960A” inside the USDA mark.
  • Action:
    • Consumers: Do not eat; dispose of or return to the store.
    • Food Service: Do not serve these products.

Why Was The E coli Ground Beef Recall Made

The company Greater Omaha Packing used some beef that had E. coli in it to make ground beef. They didn’t recall the products because they’re not being sold anymore. But there’s a worry that some of these products might still be in people’s freezers or in restaurants.

Which Ground Beef Products Could Be Unsafe?

The FSIS warns about certain ground beef products possibly having E. Coli. They’ve listed various types of ground beef items, like chubs and patties.

Watch Out for These Symptoms

Keep an eye out for a high fever, diarrhea lasting more than three days, intense vomiting, dehydration, and dizziness. If you notice these, see a doctor right away.

If you get sick from E. Coli, you might feel bad for about 5 to 10 days. Most people with mild symptoms get better on their own.

Kids under 5 and older adults can get really sick. Look out for signs like easy bruising, looking pale, or peeing less. If you see these signs, get to a doctor right away.

You Should Be Worried If

If you have ground beef with a “Use/Freeze by” date of April 22, 2024, and a packaging date of “032824,” be cautious. Look for the establishment number “EST. 960A” inside the USDA mark on the package.

What to Do If You Have These Products

If you bought this ground beef, don’t eat it. And if you’re a food service place, don’t serve it. Either throw it away or take it back where you bought it.

How to Avoid E. coli Infection

  • Handwashing: Always wash your hands well after using the restroom, changing diapers, and before eating or preparing food.
  • Animal Contact: After touching animals or visiting places like farms or petting zoos, make sure to wash your hands.
  • Cooking Meat: Cook meat until it reaches an internal temperature of 160°F to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Raw Products: Stay away from raw milk, unpasteurized juices, and dairy products to reduce the risk.
  • Cleanliness: Keep your cooking tools and surfaces clean by washing them thoroughly after each use.

Final Words

The USDA is warning about ground beef that might have E. coli. If you have ground beef with a “use by” date of April 22, don’t eat it. Make sure to check your fridge and throw it out.

So far, there haven’t been any illness reports linked to this product. Always cook your ground beef to 160°F to make sure it’s safe to eat. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature inside the meat. This kills any harmful bacteria and keeps you safe.

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