The Truth Behind the $3,600 VA Stimulus Check Rumor

The $3600 VA Stimulus Check for 2024 is a rumor that has not been confirmed yet. It’s a real government program helping people with disabilities. This stimulus check includes Veterans who served in places like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan can get VA benefits if they were exposed to harmful conditions. This article will reveal everything you need to know.

$3,600 VA Stimulus Check
$3,600 VA Stimulus Check

The $3600 VA Stimulus Check Rumor: What Is It

The Stimulus Check was rumored to be an additional payment for veterans in April 2024. The supposed payment is supposed to help veterans with service-related disabilities. However, the VA never officially announced it.

Claims made include

  • The $3600 VA Stimulus Check gives veterans extra money if they have health issues from their time in the military.
  • This extra cash helps veterans manage higher living costs.
  • Eligible veterans can also get free tax help from the government.

Who Is Eligible for the $3600 VA Stimulus Check 2024:

  1. Veterans with injuries or health issues from their service.
  2. Veterans who left the military without a dishonorable discharge.
  3. Family members of veterans who have passed away.
  4. Veterans who lost limbs or organs during their service.
  5. Veterans and their families with lower incomes may qualify for extra pension benefits.

2024 VA Benefits Payment Details

The VA determines your disability benefit amount based on your disability rating, which can be anywhere from 10% to 100%. If you have a 0% disability rating, you can still access VA health care, but you won’t get monthly disability payments. If your health worsens, you can apply for higher benefits.

You can check the 2024 VA Disability Pay Chart on the official U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. The chart shows how much veterans might receive based on their disability rating, which is grouped into three categories: 10% to 20%, 30% to 60%, and 70% to 100%. The amount also depends on the number of dependents you have.

How Do I Apply

  1. Visit and set up an account.
  2. Upload your military and medical documents.
  3. Complete the application form.

What to Do If You Don’t Get Your $3600 VA Stimulus Check in April 2024

If you haven’t received your $3600 check when expected, call the VA at 1-800-827-1000 to check if everything’s okay with your bank info. You can also check online at to see if your claim was turned down.

When do Veterans Receive their VA Benefits?

Veterans usually get their benefits checks on the first of each month. If that day lands on a weekend or holiday, they’ll get it on the nearest workday.

Have Anyone Received This Stimulus Check Yet

So far no. Despite widespread claims on social media and fake news sites, veterans did not receive this extra amount with their regular pensions. We haven’t seen any sort of report online or on social media from anyone who have received this stimulus check. As a matter of fact, the only comment on Reddit is from a retired army veteran who confirmed this stimulus check to be a rumor.

Fake news from some blog that was repeated by Newsweek. Congress has not authorized any stimulus payments nor an additional COLA. The story that is going around that in March/April we are all getting a $3600 COLA payment. COLA is an increase to the MONTHLY PAYMENT – we all got the COLA increase of 3.2% in December – paid to us 1 January 2024 (for december because VA pays in arrears – just like the military paid us). So every payment you receive in 2024 already includes the COLA adjustment – that story idiots keep spreading around is 100% fake. Sorry you read some BS somewhere.


Finally the VA Stimulus Check 2024 is simply a rumor that has not been confirmed yet. If you got hurt during your military service and had to leave because of it, you might qualify for a VA Benefit up to $3600. Not everyone will get the same amount; it could be between $165 and $3600. Check with the VA to see if you’re eligible for this payment.

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